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Discover success stories from thriving homecare businesses across the UK & Ireland, who we have specially selected to be our customers of the month.

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Thrive with Nursebuddy
Customer of the Month - Devoted Homecare

Devoted Homecare

🌟 May 2024

Nursebuddy customers since September 2020, the Devoted Homecare team have been incredibly supportive with trialling a new mobile app feature, where both carers on a joint visit can record notes. Invaluable feedback!

Customer of the Month (April 2024) - Calida Care

Calida Care

🌟April 2024 

Calida Care have enjoyed significant recent growth, doubling their care hours over the past year. They also actively give us feedback and are real champions of making Nursebuddy the best it can be for homecare providers.

Customer of the Month - Caroline Cares for You

Caroline Cares for You

🌟 July 2023

With a reputation as best in their area and an admirable focus on their care team, 2x Outstanding rated Caroline Cares for You has a near 0% staff turnover. Impressive!


Customer of the Month - Care for Me

Care for Me

🌟 June 2023

Having used Nursebuddy since 2018, Care for Me has grown to delivering care to hundreds of people, and has received excellent reviews from their inspectors, clients and staff. 

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What is Customer of the Month?

Every month, we choose a Nursebuddy company that's going above and beyond to deliver top quality homecare to their clients, while growing their business at the same time.

They also actively help us by taking part in feedback sessions and developing our platform. Featured customers receive a selection of goodies and Nursebuddy gear as a thank you for their participation.

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