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The Nursebuddy Platform

We connect the homecare kylä, bringing domiciliary care organisations, care workers and families together in one smart software platform.

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Client overview in the Nursebuddy mobile app


Connecting the homecare kylä

It takes a village (or kylä, if you’re Finnish like us) to deliver great homecare. Nursebuddy was built to bring the homecare kylä together in one intuitive care management platform.

Homecare providers can plan and oversee their care delivery in Nursebuddy, with the benefit of real-time information sharing and a tonne of time-saving tools

Carers have all the information they need to deliver high quality homecare, thanks to their Nursebuddy app - and without annoying distractions.

Families can check how their loved ones are doing by logging-in securely to our Nursebuddy family portal - available from anywhere in the world.

Health professionals and informal carers can also use Nursebuddy’s family portal to get an update on the people in their care.

The homecare kylä. Connected.

Domiciliary care management software

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Nursebuddy is packed with helpful features we think you’ll love. Take a look.

Care Planning icon

Care Planning

Make people the focus of your care plans and share information with your dom care team in real-time.

  • Outcome-focussed care plans
  • Templates and review reminders
  • eMAR and body maps
  • Personalised care records
  • Notes, documents and complaints
Scheduling icon


Save time creating domiciliary care rotas and react quickly when things change - as care always does.

  • Best matching and preferred carers
  • AI-powered rotas with AutoPilot
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Templates and visit runs
  • Double-up visits
Carer App icon

Carer App

Empower your carers with the information they need, without unnecessary distractions.

  • SecureVisit GPS + QR codes
  • Driving instructions and key safe codes
  • Quick fill task responses
  • Pinnable notes 
  • Available offline in low/no signal areas
Quality and Compliance icon


Manage risk and achieve quality compliance for your homecare service, with minimum headache.

  • Notifications centre and real-time visit alerts
  • Risk assessments and incident reports
  • Change logs and document version control
  • Reporting suite and data dashboards
  • CM2000 integration
Team Management icon

Team Management

Support your most valuable asset - your care team - with the skills and experience your clients need.

  • Teams for filtering and data restriction
  • Carer compliances, with expiration alerts
  • Holiday, sickness and shift availability
  • SMS reminders and schedule updates
  • In-app wellbeing survey
Finance icon


Maintain profitability with fair, accurate and transparent payments and charges.

  • Payroll with travel, mileage and waiting time options
  • Charge rates for different services, roles or times of day
  • Customisable invoice template
  • Xero integration
  • Export to other accounting software


Family Portal

Bring the whole homecare kylä together - from loved ones to health professionals to informal carers.

  • Secure log-in via web or mobile app

  • Full care package details

  • Diary feed with visit details and notes left by carers

  • Calendar with planned visits, including who’s assigned

  • Enable messaging for families to leave notes

A client diary overview on the Nursebuddy's Family Portal

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