Why Nursebuddy

Nursebuddy for Carers

Nursebuddy’s carer app makes life easier for  hardworking carers - reducing stress, risk and tedious repetition. We think you’ll love it.

A carer talking to a senior woman in a wheelchair, plus the client overview on the Nursebuddy mobile app

Detailed client records

Feel prepared.

The Nursebuddy app helps you to know exactly what you need to do during every domiciliary care visit.

  • Visit preview - log-in securely to see a wealth of information about your next client, including their care plan, routines, driving directions and access instructions.

  • Pinned notes - little details matter, so carers can pin notes for each other about how a client might be feeling, or something extra they might need.

  • In-app notifications - colour bubbles mean you'll never miss an update to a care plan or risk assessment. Just tap to mark them as read.

A client overview in the Nursebuddy mobile app

Clear instructions

Feel confident.

Wherever we can, we try to remove overwhelm and doubt - so you know exactly what you need to do at each visit.

  • Medications - come pre-filtered to the time period of a visit, to avoid confusion over what’s required.

  • Body maps - clear visual markers with instructions indicate exactly where treatments need to be applied.

  • Care plans - appear  in order of importance and totally unique to each client, so you can put their individual needs first.

A body map in the Nursebuddy mobile app

Note-taking tools

Feel efficient.

Handy tools and intuitive task responses mean time isn’t wasted writing up notes. Tap, tick, done. And you're back to focusing on the person you’re with.

  • Voice-to -text - rapidly record notes via dictation.

  • Photo upload - add evidence of things like meal preparation.

  • Number boxes - capture details like fluid intake, fuss-free.


Tasks and response fields for carers in the Nursebuddy mobile app

Safety and wellbeing

Feel supported.

Caring can be a tough job as well as being rewarding, and it can get pretty lonely out there on the road by yourself. Our app helps you stay safe and well while at work.

  • Real-time alerts - your safety comes first. Our app will send a notification to your care coordinator if you're late to arrive or check out of a visit.

  • Live location map - care managers can see where you were the last time you checked-in or out, and what time that was.

  • Privacy protection - our app uses GPS to know where you are, but only when you check-in and out of a visit. 

  • Wellbeing survey - at the end of each day, choose an emoji to describe how you feel and leave a reason why (if you choose to). It'll let your care manager know - anonymously.

Wellbeing survey for carers in the Nursebuddy mobile app

Nursebuddy app for carers

A helping hand.

When you're out on a visit, you want to focus on the people you’re caring for, not be distracted by paperwork or an annoying mobile app.

We’ve seen that first hand, so we made Nursebuddy's app super simple to use, prioritising helpfulness so you can focus on what you do best - providing person-centred care.

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In their words

Discover what our lovely customers have to say about Nursebuddy.

Pocket encyclopaedia

“The Nursebuddy app is like having a personal encyclopaedia in my pocket about each of my clients.”

Caroline Cares for You

Create a routine

"Knowing what their schedule will be weeks in advance with the carer app means that carers develop a routine and plan their own lives much more easily."

Ailish Leech
Senior Home Care Manager, Care for Me
An elderly gentleman is served a meal plus Caroline Cares for You logo
A happy elderly gentleman plus Care for Me logo