Homecare finance software


Let Nursebuddy help you manage your company finances with ease, helping you to stay profitable while keeping an eye on fair pay and charges.

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Homecare invoicing software

Simple, accurate charging.

A comprehensive invoicing system with options to make granular adjustments so that you can charge for your services in the most profitable way:

  • Set invoicing rates - to automatically vary your charges for different services, times of day or weekends/holidays

  • Editable invoice template - adjust the field titles of the invoice template and add items such as payment terms and notes to the footer, to suit your organisation’s requirements

  • Review invoicing before export - making amendments or adjustments where needed

  • Download PDF invoices - ready for emailing or printing and posting to your clients or local authorities

  • Xero integration - sync invoices automatically with your Xero account

  • Export to .csv or .xml file formats - for use with other bookkeeping software
An invoicing report in Nursebuddy, displayed on a laptop

Homecare payroll software

Fair, flexible pay.

We recognise that there is a lot of nuance to care worker pay, so Nursebuddy offers you flexibility over which criteria to calculate when running payroll:

  • Set pay rates - for different times of day, days of week and holidays, as well as for different staff roles and seniorities

  • Select pay criteria - choose to pay carers based on either planned or actual visit durations (calculated via the Nursebuddy mobile app)

  • Consider commuting time - choose whether to include travel time and/or mileage to and from home at the start and end of a shift

  • Specify waiting time - choose whether to pay for travel time and mileage if a break between visits is more than a set amount of time (specified by you)

  • Download to .csv file format - whatever the criteria you choose, all payroll reports can be exported for transfer into specialist accounting software

A payroll report in Nursebuddy, displayed on a laptop

Homecare management software

All Nursebuddy features

A forward-looking care management platform for tomorrow's homecare companies.

Care Planning icon

Care Planning

Capture all the little details that make homecare compassionate, relevant and personalised.

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Let Nursebuddy do the hard work when things change - as care always does

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Carer App

Keep your domiciliary care teams person-centred, whilst keeping an eye on service delivery

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Quality & Compliance

Instil high quality, compliant homecare into your systems and processes from the start.

Team Management

Team Management

Build a high performing domiciliary care team with the skills and experience your clients need.

Family Portal

Family Portal

Bring the whole homecare kylä together around each of your clients.

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Your questions, answered.

Some of the things we get asked most often.

Can Nursebuddy be exported to other systems eg. Payroll/HR/etc?

Nursebuddy can be synchronised with other systems easily. We have experience integrating Nursebuddy with accounting and payroll systems in particular.


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"I love the way it is a working relationship with Nursebuddy and us, not just a package where you pay once, and you’ll never hear from them again."

Alison Price
Company Director, Care One 2 One (Newport)


"Nursebuddy has allowed our company to improve the efficiency of the service we provide."

Lynda McCann
Managing Director, Care for Me
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