The Nursebuddy team on a boat trip in Croatia

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About Us

Hei there! We’re Nursebuddy: a Finnish-based company on a mission to reinvent homecare through smart, innovative technology.

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The Nursebuddy team on a boat trip in Croatia

Our mission

It's time to reinvent homecare.

In Finnish, kylä means village (pronounced 'kuula'). And at Nursebuddy, true to our Finnish roots, we believe it takes a kylä working together to meet the challenges of our ageing population. 

Our society urgently needs connected, high quality homecare services that can keep people in the dignity and comfort of their own homes for longer, whilst simultaneously reducing the strain on our overburdened healthcare systems.

Technology is a critical enabler to achieving this, and that’s why we built Nursebuddy: to rethink homecare delivery through technology. Tech allows us to bring together the homecare kylä in new ways, equipping providers, carers and families with smart, ingenious tools that redefine how compassionate, high quality care at home is delivered.

The homecare kylä. Connected.

The market view

Homecare has a problem

According to data from Skills from Care (2022)

13.8 million

people will be aged over 65 in England by 2035


extra carers needed to meet this extra demand


of care jobs unfilled in domiciliary care

Our story

Proudly made in Finland.

Nursebuddy was founded in Finland by three friends, Simo, Antero and Ville in 2012. 

Each had friends and family members working in the homecare industry. They saw first hand how necessary homecare was, but also how challenging it was to run and deliver. Systems and processes were inefficient, slow and caused many problems for providers and carers, leading to a poor experience for many clients and their families.

Two of original Nursebuddy's founders, Antero and Simo

Our story

Grounded in real life.

Antero, Simo and Ville knew there had to be a better way, and that the problems faced in the homecare sector at home were felt abroad, too.

So, they began joining care workers on home visits and observing care coordinators in the office. This built deep insight and awareness into the challenges homecare faces today. These early experiences provided the critical insights that would later help them build the first version of Nursebuddy.

Fast forward to today, and Nursebuddy now supports hundreds of homecare companies across Europe and the UK. The company is focuses on bringing the whole homecare kylä together, reshaping how homecare is delivered today - and tomorrow. 

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Our values

Lead the change

We’re a diverse community, but we think our four values sum us up pretty well.

Sapling icon

Look forward

We fearlessly embrace new technology and change to improve ourselves and the wider world.

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Keep it simple

We work hard to simplify things, making them clear, effortless and easy to understand.

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Make a difference

Working with empathy, we use our time and resources to help others and improve our world.

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Remain curious

We believe that thoughtful questions, different perspectives and respectful discussions benefit everyone.

Our locations

Responsive and remote.

Nursebuddy is an international community of people passionate about reinventing homecare. With a dispersed team, we’ve been pioneering remote working since before the pandemic.

Nursebuddy HQ is in Tampere, Finland, where you’ll find Simo, Antero and our product development team. Meanwhile, our nomadic sales, marketing and customer success teams are spread across 4 countries, working to support our growth and customers on both UK and Finnish timezones.

Europe map showing Nursebuddy's locations in Tampere (Finland), Dublin (Ireland) and Manchester (UK)

Our numbers

Change you can measure

Three big numbers demonstrate our impact:


Customer happiness

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we're proud to say 97% of ours are happy when they interact with us. 

40 million

Care hours

To date, we've helped homecare companies deliver 40 million hours of care to people who need it.


People supported

Our platform is used to deliver care to 25,000 people, keeping them in the comfort of their own home.

Our people

Leadership Team

Meet our multinational gang of purpose-driven experts.

Simo Hännikkälä, CEO & Co-Founder of Nursebuddy

CEO & Co-Founder

Simo Hännikkälä

An accomplished sailor, Simo steers the Nursebuddy ship and plots our course ahead. Focused on our product vision and strategy as well as the growth of the business, Simo has a Masters in Technology and is proud to say he dropped out of business school in order to start building his own. Besides sailing, Simo can be found snowboarding and hiking. With or without his two teenagers. 

Antero Salonen, CTO & Co-Founder of Nursebuddy

CTO & Co-Founder

Antero Salonen

Practically minded and hands-on, Antero is a consummate problem-solver and makes sure our platform is well-designed, easy-to-use and quick to implement. His focus is striking the important balance between technical requirements and user experience. A man of many talents, Antero is a trumpet player, salsa dancer, board gamer, movie lover and an endless fountain of terrible dad jokes. 

Anna Pentti, Finance & HR Lead at Nursebuddy

Finance & HR Lead

Anna Pentti

Operations dynamo and wearer of many different hats, Anna manages finance, HR and team wellbeing at Nursebuddy - keeping the rest of us on the straight and narrow. In her spare time, Anna games with friends and spends time with her floofball doggo, Tara. She also volunteers with a number of organisations on the theme of wellbeing in the Finnish labour market.

Monica Menniti, Head of Customer Success at Nursebuddy

Head of Customer Success

Monica Menniti

A former registered nurse who joined the tech industry after doing a Masters degree in Public Health, Monica’s driving ambition is to help transform the frontline of care. She is a passionate advocate and voice for our homecare customers. Outside of work, you'll find her enjoying travel across Europe, judo and foodie treats.

Neil McCormack, Sales Lead at Nursebuddy

Sales Lead

Neil McCormack

Having worked his way up through the ranks of Nursebuddy, Neil now leads our Dublin-based sales team. Along the way, he achieved an international business degree and spent an enviable stint living and working in the sunshine paradise of Brazil. He enjoys football and golf, and heads to the gym whenever time (or motivation) allows.

Jayne Scarman, Head of Marketing at Nursebuddy

Head of Marketing

Jayne Scarman

Wordsmith Jayne arrived home in CareTech via a circuitous path through the NHS, a Brisbane marketing agency and a Chilean newsroom - finding the perfect balance of nerdiness and purpose. Content creator, demand generator and insight seeker, her busy hands are often embroidering, drawing or mucking about in the garden.

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The Nursebuddy team on a boat trip in Croatia