Why Nursebuddy

Nursebuddy for Families

Nursebuddy’s Family Portal is all about giving peace of mind - keeping you involved in your loved one’s care, from anywhere in the world.

A client diary feed within the Nursebuddy family portal, plus a senior woman taking the blood pressure of a senior man

Secure log-in

Feel closer.

Family members can log-in to Nursebuddy's Family Portal, securely, from anywhere in the world. Once logged-in, you can see visit details and notes left by carers, to get an idea of how your loved one is doing, and what sort of care they’re receiving.

It’s one way to feel closer and more connected to what’s happening, reducing the distance when you can’t be there in person.

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Calendar and plans

Stay involved.

Lots of information about your loved one's care is visible in the Family Portal - such as care plans, services, medications and a diary of visits, including which carer is attending.

Care organisations also have the option to enable notes for families - meaning you can add notes or leave messages for the care manager to view or pass on. A simple way to help you feel more involved in the care of your loved one.

The client diary feed within Nursebuddy's Family Portal, displayed on a laptop

Notes and activities

Breathe easier.

The Nursebuddy Family Portal provides reassurance that your loved ones are being looked after well, by offering complete transparency between care teams and families.

Notes and activities from both care managers and care workers are pushed directly to the Family Portal for you to see, completely unfiltered.

Client information, including pinned notes from carers, within the Nursebuddy mobile app

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In their words

Discover what our lovely customers have to say about Nursebuddy.

Check on Mum and Dad

"The Family Portal has become one of our biggest selling points. Clients’ families love knowing they can be anywhere in the word and still check in with Mum & Dad."

Scott Tipping
SNT Care Manager, Spring Cottages

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"It is beneficial that both carers and contacts can have bespoke access to information regarding the client."

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