Care plans in Nursebuddy's mobile app for carers

Perfect for start-ups

Nursebuddy Essentials

Fuss-free care management software for start-up homecare companies.

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Care plans in Nursebuddy's mobile app for carers

Nursebuddy Essentials

Perfect for start-ups.

We want to make it easy for new domiciliary care companies to have a great digital system in place right from the start - without upfront costs or over-complicated processes. So with Nursebuddy Essentials, you get all the great features of Nursebuddy in a special starter package. 

Switch on any time and work your way through our training modules at your own pace, with an on-demand Help Centre to answer any questions you might have. And if you don’t love it, or the timing isn't quite right for your care company, cancel any time with just 1 month’s notice.

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Nursebuddy Essentials

For new and small care companies.

Tailor-made for start-up and fledgling homecare organisations. Essentials is perfect for you if you are:

Starting out

You're finding your feet - and your first contracts and tenders.

1-5 carers

You're managing a small care team of up to 5 care workers.

<400 hours

You're delivering up to 400 hours of high quality care each month.


Essentials Plans

Choose the right plan for your new homecare business.

0-200 care hours

Essentials 200


per month (exc. VAT)

For new companies delivering up to 200 care hours per month.

  • All core Nursebuddy features
  • Up to 5 visit runs
  • Self-guided onboarding and training
  • Help Centre support

Our Terms

Choosing the right plan.

When picking a Nursebuddy Essentials plan, choose the bundle of care hours that will cover what you typically deliver each month. We may change this from time to time if we see your usage go up or down. Read our full terms and conditions if you're keen to know the small print.