New Nursebuddians at your service!

Nursebuddy’s team has grown over the past six months, so now it’s time to introduce the new Nursebuddians at your service. Meet Mohamed, Joonas, Karolina and Les. 👋

Experienced software developers creating new features and app

Joonas and Mohamed (also known as Simo) are the newest members in our product development team. Both are brilliant developers whose focus is especially on future features and the new mobile application of Nursebuddy.

Joonas is a hybrid of a software developer, project leader, software architect and product manager. He has 20 years of experience in software development and previously he worked for Vincit (a Finnish software development company) and led a programming project from concept phase to production use of 400k users. 

“Nursebuddy’s vision and raison d’etre align exceptionally well with my own values and the team I met convinced me that the people here are excellent. I hope to contribute to future feature development and to the company’s ways of working.” – Joonas

Mohamed has a degree in IT Systems Management from Abdelmalek Essaadi University in Morocco. Previously, he worked as a React web developer.

“I applied to Nursebuddy because I liked the product and the value it provides to SMEs. I’m mainly working on developing a new mobile application. As the already awesome team is growing, I have no doubt that in the future we will keep developing newer and improved features for our customers.”  – Mohamed

Mohamed (Simo)

Our Sales team; helping domiciliary care agencies to provide better care

Karolina and Les are probably your first contact with Nursebuddy as part of our sales team. Their goal is to help you to discover how the software would benefit your company.

Les has been in sales for several years as a sales representative, area sales manager, and most recently as a business development manager in a healthcare company. He is very motivated helping domiciliary care agencies in elderly care.

“I decided to apply for Nursebuddy because I have had a lot of contact in the health care industry and wanted to stay linked to that industry if possible, as it is very rewarding to feel you are part of providing a positive solution that makes a difference to people’s lives.” – Les


Karolina has previously worked in retail and customer service. She is a very visual person, has been doing graphic design as a hobby for eight years now. Her new role is Inside Sales Executive, and her goal is to try to help as many home care companies to provide better care as possible. 

“I decided to apply to Nursebuddy so that I could work in a company that was set up to make a difference, and help the domiciliary care agencies to provide better care.” – Karolina



How do the new Nursebuddians see the future of Nursebuddy?

“I believe there is more and more need for easy-to-use home care solutions in the world and Nursebuddy is a clear leader there. I think the simple pricing, the new mobile application for the care workers and the comprehensive manager application will be a winning combination, especially for the small and medium-size home care companies.” -Joonas

“As the already awesome team is growing, I have no doubt that in the future we will keep developing newer and improved features for our customers.” – Mohamed

“In the future of Nursebuddy, I can see us continuously developing, growing and becoming the leading care management software provider worldwide.” -Karolina

“While the core function of sales remains the same, the Nursebuddy embrace of technology as a tool and a pathway to successful sales is the way forward.  I’m excited to move forward and improve my skillset and to continue learning and embracing technology similarly.” – Les

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