Digging into the morale and wellbeing of domiciliary care workers

Picture of Rocio Solis, Customer Success Manager
Posted by Rocio Solis, Customer Success Manager

The latest addition to Nursebuddy’s mobile app is giving care managers new insights into the morale, job satisfaction and wellbeing of their domiciliary care teams.

Following-on from the launch of our Carer Wellbeing Survey at the start of 2023, homecare workers can now record an additional reason why they felt their day went well or not so well.

Domiciliary care workers can leave feedback about how their day went via Nursebuddy's in-app Carer Wellbeing Survey

The results are sent anonymously for team leaders to review within the Nursebuddy manager view. To further protect care workers’ anonymity, comments only become visible to managers once at least 3 have been submitted each week.

The new feedback feature complements our smiley survey, where care workers can rate how their day felt by choosing one of 4 faces from very happy to very unhappy.

Care managers can monitor the trend in how their care workers are feeling, by viewing the proportion of each smiley face chosen by their care team, over time. 

Domiciliary care managers can view their care team's morale over time via Nursebuddy's in-app carer wellbeing survey

The update to our Carer Wellbeing Survey is all part of our mission to improve carer retention. And it starts with understanding how care workers are feeling.

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For more advice and examples of supporting the wellbeing of a homecare team, download our Carer Wellbeing Report 2024.