Carer Wellbeing Report 2024, from Nursebuddy


Carer Wellbeing Report 2024

Revealed: What makes or breaks a day in homecare. And what we can do about it to improve the wellbeing of domiciliary carers.

A happy elderly gentleman receiving homecare
Carer Wellbeing Report 2024, from Nursebuddy

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Nursebuddy analysed over 2000 responses to our in-app Carer Wellbeing Survey and discovered the key reasons why homecare workers have good or bad days.

Our Carer Wellbeing Report 2024 contains:

  • Survey results in full - all the reasons why carers report feeling happy or unhappy at work

  • Actionable ideas - best practice for supporting care team wellbeing, drawn from our community of homecare customers and partners

  • Expert advice - on how managers and carers can support their own wellbeing, in order to lead and care with grace

  • Checklists and resources - to help your frontline homecare team be at their best

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Meet the experts

Our contributors

Learn from our community of experts who are leading the way in supporting care teams, so that they can fulfil the demands of their challenging roles in care.

Marilyn Rixhon and Helen Gruber of Pastora

Co-founders and Directors, Pastora Ltd

Marilyn Rixhon & Helen Gruber

Pastora is a care-experienced training and coaching consultancy for wellbeing in social care.

Directors Helen and Marilyn offer practical advice to managers on how to support their own wellbeing, so they can lead gracefully.


Katie Jewell, Cynefin Care

Operations Director, Cynefin Care

Katie Jewell

Cynefin Care was founded to do things differently: to improve employment conditions for care workers and raise standards in care.

Co-founder Katie shares how she monitors her team's morale and wellbeing using Nursebuddy's in-app Carer Wellbeing Survey.


Kate Joyce, Liberté Care Group

Founder, Liberté Care Group

Kate Joyce

A caregiving veteran, Kate's vision is to create a nurturing space where paid and unpaid carers can connect, share and thrive together.

Kate outlines the tips and tricks she's found successful over 25 years in frontline roles, for navigating the demanding world of caring.



Director of Care, Marina Care SL

Tracey Ross

Marina Care SL provides complex social care to a multinational and multilingual community in the south of Spain.

Tracey outlines how she periodically uses Nursebuddy to benchmark her care team's wellbeing and meet EU equality legislation.


On-demand webinar

Wellbeing for homecare teams

Catch-up on the panel discussion which accompanies the release of this report.

Nursebuddy CEO, Simo Hännikkälä presents our findings about what makes or breaks a day in homecare. Katie Jewell from Cynefin Care shares how they monitor carer sentiment using Nursebuddy. And Marilyn Rixhon from Pastora offers practical advice to managers on how to support their own wellbeing, so they can lead their teams with grace.

Wellbeing for homecare teams. A on-demand webinar from Nursebuddy.