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Supporting your wellbeing as a manager in homecare

As a homecare manager it is essential for you to take care of your own physical and emotional wellbeing. So what do you...

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How new care companies can start and succeed in homecare

When starting new care companies, there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some ideas for new domiciliary care...

Homecare trends 2024

Homecare technology: 3 trends in 2024

Nursebuddy CEO and co-founder Simo Hännikkälä shares his top 3 trends for homecare technology in 2024. Read on.

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High staff turnover in homecare: what causes it and how to tackle it

Tackling high staff turnover in homecare: why it happens, how to reduce it and how Nursebuddy's homecare platform can...

Nursebuddy reduces care worker turnover

5 ways Nursebuddy helps to reduce care worker turnover in homecare

Using digital technology (like Nursebuddy) can contribute to reducing staff turnover in homecare, by helping to make...

The Thrive Guide from Nursebuddy

New resource aimed at helping homecare businesses thrive

Homecare companies can take advantage of a new resource aimed at helping them to grow thriving businesses. Download...

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Thrive indicators - what the workforce data tells us

A deep dive into Skills for Care’s workforce data to try to identify the factors affecting a homecare organisation’s...

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The importance of networks for a well-supported care manager

Supporting care managers is crucial for thriving, high quality homecare. Jane Borland, Chair of Northamptonshire...

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Hallmarks of a thriving homecare business

An experienced business strategist working in health and social care, Kate Pym outlines three fundamentals for creating...

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Secrets of an outstanding homecare provider

Care manager of twice-rated ‘Outstanding’ homecare provider Caroline Cares for You, Anne Durnion, shares secrets to...