Meet the NurseBuddy team – we’ll walk you through the whole journey

We wanted to start the new year by introducing our NurseBuddy team and the journey we’ve taken as a team alongside you. ❤️

NurseBuddy (NB) is an international team operating in three different countries: The UK, Ireland and Finland. With the help of technology we are in touch with each other, and most of all our customers, every day. We love the diversity our team brings us and how we learn from different cultures and experiences!

We’ll start the introduction with the founders and NB story, then present our sales team, customer support and success, finance, and finally marketing.


The founders

Antero and Simo, the NurseBuddy founders started with a passion for tech and innovation. After seeing loved ones working in domiciliary care across Finland it sparked a passion for a new industry and how they could overcome the challenges they saw.

They saw just how much of a struggle it can be for carers day to day, a constant balancing act of providing care, running a business and meeting every growing industry standards.

So, NurseBuddy was founded.

For the first two years, Simo and Antero shadowed home care managers and workers to helm shape their software into something that was easy to use and understand across all levels of users.

As the company has grown, Antero and Simo remain at the help as CTO and CEO supporting our team and working directly with customers.

Antero and Simo in Tampere, Finland


The sales team

The first contact you’re likely to have with us is through our Sales team. Based in Dublin, Ireland and Tampere, Finland and coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences they help our customers with initial questions and ease the worry of moving to a new software.

This time they answered my question, what’s their own Nursebuddy story and why they do they work here?

“My mom has received care ever since I was 19. I’ve seen it firsthand so I have an understanding of what the carers go through. It’s not an easy job. Because of my background I understand the effects and the help that we are providing. At the end of the day the person we are helping is the person receiving the care. We provide the infrastructure for the carers to give and the clients to receive better care.” Neil (Dublin, Sales Executive)

“We are our customers’ friends from the very beginning. We give the safetynet to care companies, and a software to help care companies to get the right people in the right place. I want to help people and to have positive impact to people with whom I’m in contact with.”Paul (Dublin, Sales Executive)

“My mother-in-law is a carer and my aunt works for a big care home chain in Yorkshire. I’m always speaking with them, finding out what their troubles are, and I have a direct insight into how to make their lives easier and better, which makes care for those that need it better as well.”Kane (Dublin, Head of Sales)

“My Nursebuddy journey has been made by a true dream team of a modern growth company. Every day I get to help great people and find new and better ways to make home care easier and more efficient. It’s all about serving people.“Nikolas (Finland, Sales Executive)

From left to right: Neil, Anni, Barbara, Teija, Imogen, Paul and Kane in Dublin office.


Customer Support and Success

Once a member of NurseBuddy, the next step is talking to our Success and Support team. Made up of our development team in Finland (Juuso, Antero, Eero, Valtteri, Mohamed and Joonas) and Imogen running Customer Success from Manchester.

Customer Success is a core foundation of NurseBuddy and a priority for every team to make sure our customers are active and achieving their goals. A combination of training, online support, help videos and live chat we aim to cover all bases. We pride ourselves on open communication and making sure customers can feedback to us their concerns and suggestions.

Our development team have a varied role, helping with technical support and building new features and improvements. Working alongside product and customer success, the dev team help prioritise issues, suggestions and queries to make sure NurseBuddy continues to be a customer centric product.

Our customer and the founder of TES Homecare Ltd, Wendy Stocks, has said: “NurseBuddy is easy to use and the support provided by the team has allowed us to adapt to NurseBuddy quickly meaning less stress on carers and managers as we continue to grow.” 

From left to right: Eero, Juuso, Valtteri, Mohamed and Antero.


Invoicing and Marketing

Dealing with one of the trickiest areas of the business is Laura, she handles all of our finances and billing. Making NurseBuddy as easy to use as possible is imperative and that’s also reflected in our billing processes. With automated payments and upfront pricing structures, there will be no surprises at the end of the month.

Finally there is me, Anni. My focus is to provide you the kind of content that can help you make your job easier and help you find interesting and relevant news and support. Any wishes, tips and feedback about our content is more than welcome! Send me your ideas on

This is our NurseBuddy team. Thank you for the journey we get to take with you! ❤️ 

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