A thank you note for all the carers

Thank you, dear carer!

What better way to show our appreciation than writing a “thank you” letter to those who care for others. This message is for you, carer!


“Dear carer,

I thought of different ways to begin this letter, but the most suitable way is just starting by saying “thank you for all your work!”. Because of you our parents, children, or friends have a kind soul near them, are well taken care of, feel the joy of having small conversations throughout the day and can look to their future with a little more hope.

It has to take a great strength of character to help people taking care of themselves and to organize their life essentially. Additionally to have the patience to talk with someone when that person sometimes doesn’t remember who you are, and to have the power to help frail others to perform their daily activities, such as cooking, bathing, clothing, when they no longer can.

Your work is essential, not only for the people you care for, but also for the society as a whole. In a way, I think you can be called our societal parents, as you guide, support and help those who need that special attention beyond our own. Every effort you make, small or big, adds to people’s improved quality of life, and that is something to admire.

I know that things are not easy for you. The status of your work is not where it should be, yet your clients are growing in number. Although the rewards are not many, I thank you for your patience, hard work and good intentions. I often hear people say “I want to do something that matters to others, something meaningful!” – and I think your work is one of those type of jobs. There you can be repaid not only financially, but also with a kind smile and the look of gratitude, which sometimes makes all the difference in the world.

If you ever feel down, or think that your work is not appreciated, remember, that many families in this world are grateful that you exist and all of us are thanking you from the bottom of our hearts! Besides, in spite of all the scientific advancements in medicine, the cures we find or medical mysteries we unravel, we will always need people like you, to take care of our loved ones!


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