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The Future Staff of Homecare

The Future staff of homecare. Who are they? 

We have a universal problem; There is a deficit of care workers! At the same time older people are staying healthier much longer and want to stay active. 


Active retirees are the future of home care

The shortage of care workers cause a huge competition in the existing workforce.

Some suggest that we should outsource workforce from elsewhere, but we cannot put all our hope that the birth rate or labor migration will increase. Luckily we have a silver reserve whose value is not fully understood.

There is ageing trend, which means that the amount of active retirees will grow in the next 10 years while the amount of people age 25 – 34 will decline. By 2020 over third of workforce will be over 50 years old. (Eastwood, 2017)

Luckily we have a silver reserve whose value is not fully understood.


Who are Active Retirees?

People who have been working in healthcare before. They can be care workers who want to keep up with the social life that working provides, continue a meaningful job or finance their active life. They can also be nurses, doctors or other social workers who might want to have a change to their previous work, but want to stay in care sector.

Caregivers who have cared for their family members. When you have taken care of a family member for years, one might still feel the need to help others. They are experienced and compassionate.

People changing their career in old age. As we are staying healthier and working longer than ever, it would be a miracle for someone to work for decades in the same job. Many will change their career and as care work is a meaningful job that can be easy to train in, it can be a natural direction for many to take.


Experienced and motivated!

The wonderful thing about active retirees is that they are often experienced people who are also motivated. After all not all of them need to work anymore; They could retire, but they choose to work.

This is something that a Finnish company Joiku of Life, an employment agency for retired nurses, has realised. They are an employment agency for retired nurses. that has understood the value of active retirees.



Neil Eastwood, (2017). Saving social care: How to find more of the best frontline care employees and keep the ones you have. 

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