Show your care workers some love! 💚

Show your domiciliary care team some love with Nursebuddy’s new carer appreciation feature.

The new positive messaging centre gives you a way to send messages to your care teams so that they know all the hard work they put in is being recognised and celebrated. It’s a little virtual high five for doing a great job. 🙌

Use the carer appreciation feature to:

  • Give your care team a mood boost by telling them how much they are valued
  • Share compliments and thanks that you receive from the people they care for
  • Pass on shout outs from other carers when they are mentioned in our Carer Wellbeing Survey

You can even include an e-card to make your team feel extra special!

When they are sent some appreciation, carers receive a notification on their phones, which they can view in their Nursebuddy mobile app. They can also go back and look at all their past messages in the app menu. The perfect “feel-good folder” when a care worker needs a little pick me up. 🥰

Nursebuddy's carer appreciation feature

Our homecare customers are loving the new carer appreciation feature. Many of them have told us how they would typically send out paper thank yous every so often. With the new messaging feature they can do it right away and their teams love the instant recognition!

We also developed this feature in response to direct feedback from carers that use Nursebuddy. More than 700 domiciliary care workers who were surveyed said that being shown positive feedback from their clients, manager or team in the Nursebuddy app would help them to feel happier at work. 

It's part all part of our mission to improve carer retention and make life at work easier for hard working homecare professionals.

To find out more about Nursebuddy’s carer appreciation feature, book a demo with one of our team and we’ll happily show you how it works!