Your success is our success: why we put our efforts into helping you succeed

Posted by Anni Ojanperä

Getting to grips with care software can be challenging, but together we can find the best possible methods of supporting care staff and people at home. Nursebuddy works closely with care companies to have a system that is fit for the purpose of planning, delivering and reporting homecare.

We do this by involving our customers in product development, providing easy access to customer support, promoting success, providing free training, and most of all, having a comprehensive homecare software.

Involving our customers in the development process of the care software

We’ve built Nursebuddy with the help of care staff for domiciliary care, and continue involving our customers in the development process of the software. We listen to your thoughts and ideas, and bring them to our development, to ensure that our software serves the purpose and requirements you need to provide excellent care. The companionship with us, in this sense that we provide, also means that small and medium-sized companies have a voice at the table, and can influence the software.

You can send a message to the Nursebuddy’s development team any time to suggest a new feature, integration or alteration to the software. Our team reviews every feedback received, evaluates which features best serve the requirements of all of our customers, and to improve the software continuously.

We’ve just hired three new developers to our team, so we are continuously growing our team to help build and develop the software to meet your needs.

“We recommend Nursebuddy highly. We are very happy with the service provided. Also if we have issues or need alterations these are done very quickly and to our specified standards.”

Amy Archer, Ethos Care Services

Free training, tutorials and help centre

Nursebuddy is designed to be easy to set up and simple to use, allowing busy home care managers and coordinators to save time and enjoy the flow of information right away. To ensure that the software is used to its full potential, our customer success team offers free training to all the managers and coordinators, no matter what package you are on.

In case you don’t have time to join the live training, there is also a comprehensive range of free materials, from videos, to help centre articles, to help you get started quickly.

“Nursebuddy is user friendly and if you need any support the team are always there to help.”

Miranda Mhaka, Firstcare Solutions

Accessible customer support and success

In case you have any issues with the system, Nursebuddy’s Customer Support and Success teams are here to help you during the weekdays so that the quality of the care you provide remains high.

We pride ourselves with our service, and so do our customers. You’ll have phone and chat support at your disposal, and our Customer Success team actively and continuously follow up with you to ensure all is going well.

“We have found the support we have had from Nursebuddy really good and find the software easy to use.”

Louise Stokley, Saffron Support

When you get to focus on people instead of paperwork or other mandatory but critical administrative tasks, it’s easier for you to provide excellent care and grow your business. Your success is our success, and that is why we want to put all of our effort to help you succeed.