Nursebuddy first to test video homecare visits in the UK, partnering with VideoVisit and NHS

Posted by Anni Ojanperä

Cooperation initiated by the NHSX Open innovation challenge

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the requirements for home care, as both elderly people and care workers are on the frontline to carry the biggest risks. Together, Nursebuddy homecare software and VideoVisit provide a solution that enables safe homecare now and into the future.

In March, the UK Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) and The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) jointly announced a fund for new technologies that could help the vulnerable and elderly self-isolating during the COVID-19 outbreak. NHSX launched an open innovation competition, TechForce19, to find digital solutions for remote social care, optimising staffing in care and mental health.

With the announcement of the competition, Nursebuddy and VideoVisit have become the first to test video-based home care visits in the UK. The project was one of just 18 solutions selected amongst 1600 applicants.

Nursebuddy is the first UK company to trial video-based visits with clients. Some of our British customers are already testing the technology, supporting a range of homecare clients with different needs and of different ages. Our goal is to help support the vulnerable and most in need during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Offering remote visits for our clients is possible by partnering with VideoVisit on this.

"We have explored opportunities for cooperation for some time now as our solutions could support each other nicely," says the CEO of Nursebuddy, Simo Hännikkälä. "The NHSX project has come as a great opportunity to test cutting edge technology and best protect those that need it in these trying times."

What is Nursebuddy?

Nursebuddy is a care management software that enables homecare managers to plan and share visits, monitor care, and create invoices as well as payroll effortlessly.

The Nursebuddy app is a tool for the care workers to find all the care-related information they need on a visit, such as digital care plans, to help them implement care effectively in a way that meets the client's individual care needs.

What is VideoVisit?

VideoVisit is a Finnish remote care service platform that enables video-based homecare visits via a secure remote connection. Elderly people can also use it to connect with their loved ones.

In Finland, half of the municipalities and thousands of homecare customers are already using video visits successfully. The cooperation with Nursebuddy opens a route for VideoVisit to the UK market.