Share your feature request with us and upvote for others’ suggestions

Nursebuddy wants to involve you, homecare managers, coordinators and care workers, in our product improvement process, as you know the best what kind of care software helps the most in the daily routines of adult social care. That’s why we have launched a Feature Request discussion board within our software.

You can easily add in your requests and upvote for other care managers’ and coordinators’ suggestions while seeing the progress of each proposal. Our development team reviews every feedback received, implement the most wanted requests and improves Nursebuddy continuously.

Share your feature request

Here is how to share your feature request with us:

  1. Open the Settings and choose Feature Requests.
  2. Click “Add your suggestions”.
  3. Write your feature, integration or alteration suggestion and add a description.
  4. You can also upload an image to describe your request.
  5. Click Post Suggestion.

The better you can describe the problem you want us to solve the easier it is for our developers to understand what kind of tool would solve the problem. A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you can demonstrate your wish with an image that helps us a lot.

Feature request - suggest an improvement2

Upvote for others’ suggestions

See what features others have suggested and upvote for those suggestions that would be useful for you as well. Here is how to do it: 

  1. Open the Settings and choose Feature Requests.
  2. Scroll down to see all the others’ ideas.
  3. Click on a request to read more about it.
  4. Upvote the best ones.
  5. You can also post a comment to any of the suggestion.

Care managers and coordinators have quite often similar needs for the software, and that is why we have enabled you to vote for each others’ requests. When an idea has gotten several votes, that tells us that it is a valuable feature for you and we should prioritise it.

feature request - upvote 2

What happens after a request or an upvote has been sent?

Part of making a good product is finding the essential features or improvements that bring the most value for our customers. Therefore, all of your requests are reviewed and priorities. 

The requests vary by the amount of work, necessity and demand. Some feature requests can be conflictive with each other, and some are so specific to a customer needs that we need to evaluate if the request is suitable for the product as a whole. 

We go through the wishlist items with our customer success, support, product owner and development team to get insights about the requests and prioritise the ideas so that we’ll find the most critical improvements to make. 

Then our wonderful developers start doing their magic. We have just hired three new developers, so we are continuously growing our team to help build and develop the software to meet your needs. We could develop our product until the end of time as there is always something new to develop and to add to the system. A care software that has stopped its development is already an old system.

development team makes your feature requests true

We truly value all the ideas you share with us, and they help us in continuing to improve our care software. We love working closely with our customers as it helps to ensure that we offer a solution that is fit for its purpose of planning, delivering and reporting homecare. With us, you can help yourself to have the best possible care software for your company.

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