Nursebuddy integrates with CM2000

Posted by Anni Ojanperä

We’re delighted to announce Nursebuddy now integrates with CM2000!

If you are using CM2000 already or are required to, Nursebuddy is perfect for you with our new native integration.

More clients from council referrals that require data in CM2000

Some local councils require data in CM2000. This requirement may have prevented some homecare companies from providing their services to those cities in the past.

Now it’s possible to get those tenders in and get more clients from council referrals. If your local authority requires data in CM2000 just activate the integration to get your data sent automatically there.

Nursebuddy helps to raise the quality of care by controlling the care process, which is something that the public buyers appreciate.

Is it easy to get the integration up and running?

Yes, it is!

If you already have Nursebuddy and you are an admin user, you can activate the integration from your admin setting page. This is how to do it:

  • Go to your admin settings page from the left-hand blue menu

  • Select Integrations

  • Click on CM2000

  • Enable the toggle button and fill out the details from your CM2000 account

  • The system will ask for your contact information to alert you of any errors in processing the data

If you are new to Nursebuddy, just book a demo to get Nursebuddy and the CM2000 integration up and running.

How much does it cost?

CM2000 integration is included within all of our main pricing plans.

How does it work?

The system is automated, so once you’ve activated the integration, it will periodically send over all your client, carer and visit data to your CM2000 account. Nursebuddy will notify you by email or SMS if the integration needs your attention.