A look back at Nursebuddy's 2023

Picture of Jayne Scarman, Head of Marketing at Nursebuddy
Posted by Jayne Scarman, Head of Marketing at Nursebuddy

Inspired by sharing our Spotify Wrapped with each other at one of our recent Nursebuddy coffee break hangouts, we thought we’d make our own 2023 wrapped. 2023 has been a successful year for Nursebuddy, with many great moments for our team, and good progress made towards our mission of rethinking homecare. Here’s our round-up of the highlights.

1. Our app had a glow-up ✨

We introduced a load of new features to our homecare platform this year, but a big focus was our mobile app for carers. A major upgrade at the start of the year focussed on making carers’ working lives easier - reducing stress, reducing risk and reducing tedious repetition - all with the aim of making Nursebuddy the most loved app by carersCheck it out.

2. We boosted budding care entrepreneurs 🚀

Homecare has a big problem right now, with demand for care already outstripping supply, and forecasted to only get worse. But alongside technology, we think one of the answers is to make it easier for innovative, entrepreneurial care providers to get started.

So we introduced Nursebuddy Essentials - a low-priced, self-service software plan. Unlike many other starter packages out there on the market, there is no difference in tools and features between Essentials and other Nursebuddy plans, it just has a ‘do-it-yourself’ set-up. Perfect for new homecare businesses with a couple of clients and carers.

“Part of my motivation in founding Nursebuddy ten years ago was to help entrepreneurial care providers to thrive.” - Simo, CEO & co-founder of Nursebuddy

3. Our team grew 🤝

We welcomed 6 new people to the Nursebuddy team this year, in Finland, Ireland and the UK.

  • Jenni and Mari brought some balance to our development team #mimmitkoodaa

  • James & Monica arrived in our Dublin office to ramp-up sales

  • Jayne joined to kick-start our marketing function

  • And British-born, Finland-living Ben M became our new technical lead

You don’t have to have a name that starts with a ‘J’ or ‘M’ to work at Nursebuddy, but it helps 😉

Mari & Jenni, from Nursebuddy's development team

4. We bonded 💖

Catching the last of the summer sunshine, we got the whole team together in Split, Croatia for some strategic thinking and a lot of socialising. We're based in 5 countries so it was a great opportunity for us all to get together, many of us meeting in person for the first time!

The Nursebuddy team

5. We bought a suit 🏆

We were more than a little bit excited to make the shortlist of the Leaders in Care Awards in October. Our focus on improving carers’ working lives through our app, as well as how we’re supporting budding care entrepreneurs, secured us a nomination for the ‘Innovative Solutions in Home Care’ category. Sadly it wasn’t our time to win, but we sure scrubbed up well!

Neil & Jayne from Nursebuddy at the Leaders in Care Awards 2023

6. We got a new website 🤩

We launched new websites for both our English-speaking and Finnish-speaking customers, which we think are rather lovely. Our old website had become a little dishevelled so our whole team was happy to have a fresh new look. We hope you like it too.

7. We reached 40 million care hours 🎉

Over the last 10 years, Nursebuddy has supported homecare businesses across the UK & Ireland, Finland, plus Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia, to deliver 40 million hours of domiciliary care. What a milestone to finish the year on! And after all, that's why we're all here.

We can’t wait until 2024. Will you join us?

Onnellista uutta vuotta! / Happy new year!