No Deal Brexit and Homecare

No-deal Brexit and homecare; What does it mean and how can we be prepared? Importantly does it affect Nursebuddy’s customers?

We’ve created a summary of the Yellowhammer documents and UKHCA’s notes about the no-deal Brexit and how it can affect the homecare sector. There are some minor things to consider, but rest assured that Brexit doesn’t affect the use of Nursebuddy homecare software.

Here’s what is known about the no-deal Brexit if that’s to happen on 31st October. 

The Yellowhammer documents and homecare

The British ministers released the Yellowhammer documents on 11th September stating that “there is an assumption that there will be no major change in adult social care on the day after the EU exit.” However, the no-deal Brexit could mean small impacts such as the rise of costs and medicine shortages for homecare sector.  

The rise of the staff and supply costs may influence smaller homecare companies. Fuel and electricity are predicted to become more expensive and should be considered when planning rotas and mileage to and from a clients’ home. 

No-deal Brexit “will have an impact on the supply of medicines and medical supplies” according to the Yellowhammer documents. Supply chains are highly regulated and as some medications need certain temperature controlled conditions, longer border controls can cause a shortage of the medication that has a shorter shelf life and therefore isn’t as easy to stockpile. 

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) “is developing a multi-layered approach to mitigate these [medicine shortage] risks.” The UK government is for instance supporting suppliers to secure alternative supply routes and to build up buffer stocks for medicine where it is practical.

“There is an assumption that there will be no major change in adult social care
on the day after EU exit.”

The Yellowhammer document.

UKHCA notes on no-deal Brexit

United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA) published “No deal Brexit and the homecare sector” -article on 11th October (Colin Angel). The notes mention three different themes that homecare providers are wondering how leaving without a deal might influence them:  


  • Continuing to support people at home
  • Recruiting and retaining the right workforce
  • Maintaining financial stability in the event of business interruption


UKHCA highlights the importance of contingency plans. In other words, homecare companies should always consider potential risks for the business and get prepared for them even in normal circumstances. The no-deal Brexit is no exception. Does your business have a plan for what to do if fuel costs rise? How can you ensure that non-British European Economic Area (EEA) nationals can continue working in the UK? 


Here is some help in building a contingency plan. If you have non-British European Economic Area (EEA) nationals as care workers, guide them and their family members to apply for EU Settled Status


Client providers’ most important role is to be prepared to give advice to their clients and staff as questions arise about the care after Brexit. Be transparent and communicate to your staff about the contingency plan, so that carers know that you are prepared. 


Remember that if there are risks to the continuity of your service, you need to notify CQC and your director of adult social services.

Will Brexit affect Nursebuddy users? No.

Nursebuddy was founded in Finland, so some of our customers might be wondering if a no-deal Brexit will affect Nursebuddy users. Rest assured, it won’t change anything with our service. You can continue using the Nursebuddy software without interruption.

Our european customers  data is sorted in the EU, our servers are based in Ireland and Germany. For now the guidance is that this is okay for British customers too. If the policy changes at all, we have a contingency plan to have backup servers in the UK to support our UK based customers.


We are living in interesting times. Let’s see what will happen on 31st October.

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