Homecare is a matter of heart to us

Posted by Anni Ojanperä

Homecare is a matter of heart to us and that’s why we help homecare companies to thrive. That is also a reason why we changed our brand to represent it better.

We changed our brand to represent why this is a matter of heart to us.

Homecare is about helping others. You help your clients every day and many of us nursebuddies have personally witnessed the help you give either by having someone close working as a care worker or receiving care as a client.

Nursebuddy is a way for us to return the favour by helping domiciliary care companies to thrive. Care work is one of the most rewarding but also one of the hardest jobs in the world. We want to make it easier with a homecare software that is easy to use and it saves time and money.

Our new brand represents better that this is a matter of heart to us and people, especially the care workers and managers, are the reason why we do this.

Thank you for the valuable work you do!

Homecare software build with the carers - the story of Nursebuddy

Nursebuddy’s founders, Simo and Antero, both had relatives and friends working as care workers and they saw every day how demanding the work is.

There are many people in need of care, but with limited resources, there is a constant deficit of carers. With long days and intense pressure on carers, there is always a need for more time, but no one can add hours to a day.

Until one day Simo and Antero, two enthusiastic guys from Finland, realised that they can help their close ones by combining their two passions: technology and healthcare. They founded Nursebuddy in 2012 and for the first two years, they shadowed care workers and worked with them to design software that helps homecare managers and carers with their work.

Sure, they couldn’t add more hours to a day, but instead, they were able to save care workers’ and homecare managers’ time in administrative tasks like scheduling, monitoring, reporting and invoicing, leaving more time for care.

Nowadays Simo and Antero have a team of 14 people helping domiciliary care agencies in the UK, Finland and Ireland to have more time for care. As the ageing population and growing need for adult social care are global trends (United Nations 2017) leading to increasing demand for health technology, our goal is to help homecare managers and care workers all around the world to make grannies and grandpas happy.