5 ways to find the best domiciliary care software for you

Posted by Anni Ojanperä

The right kind of care management software can boost your business and save money, but how do you choose the right software for your company? Here are the 5 best practices to find the best domiciliary care software for you.


1. Think about you, your company history - and your future 

The decision process starts with you and your company! Not with the software companies.

Domiciliary care is a splendid profession and having a home care company, either franchise or founding your own, is a big undertaking. In a large and complex market, you need to think about what makes you different from other companies. Is it your person-centred care approach, your excellent carers or your impeccable organisational skills?

As we live in a technology-centric world, your best practices should mirror the software you install, and this will improve your services and boost your business. So start by asking, how do you want your service to stand out from others.


2. Think about the biggest problems you currently face and see which software create solutions specific to these problems

There can be many hurdles to face when running a domiciliary care company; however, for some issues, the software that you choose can alleviate many of them. List the main problems you currently face and be ready to ask with each software if they can solve those problems.

For example, if scheduling and rostering is your main problem (as it is for many companies); find software where scheduling is one of their main selling points. Ensure that you choose software that has a clear interface and an easy to use system that doesn’t need to be updated every day.


The list of questions you have gathered ensure you won’t face any surprises with the software later on. For example, did you know that not all of the home care software include care plans?

3. Compare the options

There are several different kinds of domiciliary care software, but not all of them are the right fit for you and your company. They differ with the features, customer support, and how well they can serve specifically a home care company. 

Research is integral here; don’t feel the need to rush into any decision. It’s a big step for you to move from paper to digital or even just to change the software.


Look at the different types of software which exist out there and don’t necessary only research the biggest brands. That’s not to say to steer clear of well-known brands, of course. Just remember that smaller companies are easy to approach and agile, and therefore the support is unbeatable.


4. Don't be afraid to book a demo

A lot of domiciliary care software companies will require your participation for a demo. Live demo enables you to get tailored consultation where you can discuss  what the best option is for you and your company. Use this opportunity to your advantage.

Book demos, ask those questions you listed, learn what companies can offer and test the software. Taking a live demo will also give you better feel for the product, the company and the fit, as videos can only show you so much.


Whatever domiciliary care software you choose, ultimately, it is an investment. Pick a company who is tech-focused and evolve their software with the home care sector.


Check out from the company what new features or updates they are going to launch with the next six month. That will tell you how much the company is putting efforts to develop the software.


Well-chosen home care software will boost your business and also allow you to stand out from the crowd as “early adopters”. It can also help you to save time and money.


Hopefully this has helped you to find the best domiciliary care software for you!