Care workers

Nursebuddy is a home care management software that provides more time for care and makes care workers happier. 
Happier care workers provide the best care, are more likely to stay at their job and might even do recruiting for you.

Tough and rewarding job

Scarcity of staff, constant hurry and time consuming reporting makes home care one of the toughest jobs in the world.

At the same time domiciliary care is one of the most rewarding jobs as long as care workers can use their time to help others instead of constant hurry and stress.

Managers’ job is to facilitate the job of the carers to make it as motivating as possible. Happy staff provide the best care, are more likely to stay at their job and might even do recruiting for you. 

How to make care workers happier?

Keep them informed! Real-time rosters and care plans on the Nursebuddy App, and SMS message centre keep the carers informed.

More time for care! Simple check-in/out system and automated reporting save time from admin tasks enabling more time for care.

Keep them safe! Add risk assessments to each client visit profile to keep care workers and clients safe.

Easy to use tools! The use of Nursebuddy is pleasant and work-friendly for the carers. Everyone will learn to use it fast.

Nursebuddy’s key features

Rota App & Scheduling

Save money, time and stress.
Create schedules to suit
your clients and carers.

Care plans

Tailored plans
for your client.
Full monitoring and tracking.


The easiest to use mileage reports
in the market for both
carers and managers.

Call monitoring

Real time GPS tracking and
notifications so you’ll never
miss a late call again

Family portal

Let family join the care. Allowing for a more transparent view the family portal creates trust providing peace of mind for family members.

Carer app

Mobile app everybody learns to use
in 5 minutes providing real time updates
for you and for your carers.


Invoicing and reporting centre to suit your needs. Tailored reports for all your
client visits and carer work shifts.

Nursebuddy eMAR

Electronic Medication Administration Record
to automate your entire homecare
medication management process.

Risk assessments

Keep your staff and clients safe
with up-to-date risk
assessment notes.

Feedback from Carers

Download App

Download the Nursebuddy mobile app and log in using your username & password.

Don’t have a username? Please contact your care manager.

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