How to save time with your care management software

Picture of Neil McCormack, Head of Sales at Nursebuddy
Posted by Neil McCormack, Head of Sales at Nursebuddy

In a care company, the building of rotas and schedules can take a considerable amount of time. If a company has incorporated a care management software this time can be reduced significantly. Here is how you can do it.


Save time in building rotas and schedules

With the use of an automated scheduling tool, the care coordinator has the option of building the schedule for the day with one click. This in itself, is one of the most time-saving features that are available within the software, taking the long arduous job out of preparing the days rota.


It also gives the care coordinator the option of building the schedule for the coming weeks and this will then reflect in the carers application. They can, as a result, have a structure to their workflow and this gives assurance to the carer as they will know what is coming in their schedule.


When inspection time comes around there needs to be ease of access to reports

Having a digital system in place during CQC inspections can speed them up a lot and save hours, even days, for both care companies and the CQC. Having all reports and information stored on a digital system as opposed to on paper works in your favour during the inspection too.

Care companies who operate a care management software are more likely to get a positive CQC rating.


Having easy access to reporting also makes the job of a care manager easier and allows for more time to be allocated to providing care. Having a digital system is a more environmentally friendly option. Your records are safer and can be retrieved at any time, while paper copies can get lost or damaged.


Training helps to make the most of your care management software

In order to make the most of your care management software, you should participate in the free training sessions provided and make use of all of the online resources available.

In the day to day running of your business, try to use every feature of the system relevant to you. They are all there to help you run your business and save you time.


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