Draft Scheduling: How to draft rotas before publishing

“Is it possible for draft rotas to not be visible for the care staff as the coordinator wants the flexibility to trial different visit patterns before publishing?” – A care manager

Yes, it is! 

With Nursebuddy, you can plan and edit your rotas flexibly before publishing them.

This is how to do it:

  1. Click Settings and Schedule Publishing
  2. Choose how far into the future you wish your carers to access the rota (choose 1, 2 or 4 weeks)
  3. Select on which day you want to publish rotas on a weekly basis.

Changes are saved automatically!

Nursebuddy draft rotas_ draft scheduling

Changing circumstances affect plans and confused carers might call an already busy office to comment about an unfinished rota that doesn’t work for them.

By creating draft rotas, you can avoid any confusion that an unfinalised rota might cause to your staff. 

Please note this functionality is available only for Admin users. Only admins can set up the draft scheduling for the company. Once an admin has set it up, the publishing of rotas is entirely automatic.

The days that are in the draft stage are clearly shown on the scheduling page.

Learn more about Nursebuddy Scheduling.

Plan efficient rotas for your care staff

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