Coronavirus instructions for homecare companies and clients

Posted by Anni Ojanperä

The current situation is challenging for homecare companies in many ways and that’s why we want to help you.


We’ve gathered information that you can use as instructions for your company. The instructions for homecare companies are based on guidelines that the World Health Organization (WHO), the NHS, the Public Health England, the Finnish institution for health and welfare (THL), and the Digital Nurse Expert (DNE) has published.


The government urges everyone for a lockdown except for care workers. People over 70 and others at risk have already been asked to self-isolate themselves to ensure they won’t get coronavirus, relatives can’t visit anyone outside their household and public institutions are a potential risk. Help is still needed and therefore the work of the home health care professionals is highly valued.


However, as also your own employees are at risk of getting the virus, measures of caution are needed. Everyone’s already busy and sick leaves make the deficit of workers even more challenging. Therefore it is more important than ever to make sure your staff follows the right instructions.


We hope that these instructions are useful for you and your care workers. You are doing a very important and highly valuable job. Thank you for your work in care!