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A specialist webinar on building your resilience as a domiciliary carer. How to look after yourself so you can care for others.

Helen Gruber, Director at Pastora Ltd
Thrive with Nursebuddy

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Build your resilience

Domiciliary care is a challenging role. It asks a lot, and takes a lot, to keep on showing up to care for others. 

In this exclusive webinar, Nursebuddy has partnered with care-experienced coach and trainer, Helen Gruber of Pastora, to offer domiciliary care workers new perspectives on caring for themselves. 

Meet the expert

Our speaker

Helen Gruber is Director and Co-Founder of Pastora, a training and coaching consultancy for wellbeing in social care. Pastora helps care and management teams with guidance and support to care for themselves and others, so that they can thrive.

Having started out as a carer, Helen worked with elderly care and learning disabilities for over 25 years, becoming a registered manager in 2006 and subsequently working as an operations support manager in services that required improvement.  

Helen stepped away from care at the end of 2021 and has since been focusing on her own wellbeing and development as a coach and trainer. She has a BSC Hons degree in Care Management and is a certified coach and trainer with One of many®.

Helen Gruber, Director at Pastora Ltd