Nursebuddy payroll reporting system

Payroll made
Quick and Easy

With Nursebuddy’s new payroll system, you are able to run payroll reports for all your care staff with a single click. You can adjust rates for every carer, or the entire company, easily and export data for further processing. 

  • Makes paying your care workers quick and easy. 
  • Speeds up the payment of salaries by giving the right information you need with just one click.

Payroll Reporting System

Add multiple rates

Care workers can have different pay rates for different times of day and week.

Bank holidays

Add separate rates for bank holidays which the system automatically calculates.

Enables tailoring

Assign rates for the whole company or by people.

Nursebuddy Payroll reporting


Run a report for any date range. It will show all
your carers at once.

Quick & easy

You get all the needed information for paying salaries with a single click.

Standard Plan

This feature is included in
our Standard and Enterprise plans.

"Nursebuddy has allowed our company to improve
the efficiency of the service we provide."​

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