We’re on a mission to transform home care

We want everyone – regardless of age, location or income to be able to receive the home care they need to have the best quality of life. Learn more about our mission.

The story behind NurseBuddy

Both Nursebuddy founders, Simo and Antero, have family members and friends working in the home care sector in various roles. They learned that home care management was a real struggle: current systems and practices for coordinating care and sharing important information between several stakeholders are poor and cause many problems.

They were both  looking to build something with a large societal impact, the challenge with home care presented an interesting problem to solve. In order to gain a deep understanding of user behaviour and needs, they started joining care workers on home visits and observing coordinators in the office.

These hands-on experiences provided the critical insights that would later help them build the first version of Nursebuddy.


Simo Hännikkälä



Antero Salonen


Our mission

The work being done in the home care industry is one of the most important, and also one of the most overlooked in modern society. Developing the way home care is given improves lives and creates unprecedented growth potential.

Our mission is to provide everyone in the home care loop with the support they need to fully focus on the things that make a difference in the care recipient’s life.

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