Nursebuddy Launchpad  
FREE home care software to help your business thrive!

Nursebuddy Launchpad enables you to have all the benefits of an all-in-one home care management software, for free.
This includes all our features, such as rota planning, payroll, carer mobile, eMAR and risk assessments


Launchpad is suitable for…

  • Home care or domiciliary care start-ups, waiting for registration or just starting to grow in volume.
  • Established care companies who want to test Nursebuddy first.
  • Once you’ve grown your business and pass 100 care hours per month, you can choose our Light or Standard plan. 

Why choose Nursebuddy Launchpad?

The All-in-One solution

Rostering, digital care plans, timesheets, carer mobile etc. All that you need for home care management in one place!

Easy to use

Easy to use software for the managers and carers.

Saves your time & money

Nursebuddy saves your time and money, leaving more time for care. Free up carers time for business development.

Real-time information

Carers can access needed information (roster, care plans) anywhere. No hassle with paper work!

Automated rostering

Save time with automated rota creation. Ensure the right care worker is matched to the right client!

Speeds up inspections

Inspections are faster when you have all the information gathered in one place.

All-in-one Home care Management Software

Digital care plans, Automatic rostering, Nursebuddy eMAR, Risk Assessments, Carer mobile app, Call monitoring, Payroll, Family portal AND Reports. – We have it all!

On top of that, you get unlimited users, monthly contract, 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and free training and on-boarding.

  • Nursebuddy Digital Care Plans work as an instruction for the care staff to ensure that all the clients receive individualised care, and they get the kind of service they are expecting.


  • Digital care plans ensure that even a rapidly changing staff pool always know what to do and have updated information at hand. Create customised care plans easily for each client in Nursebuddy.
  • Plan and share visits easily so that every client gets an appropriate carer to take care of the visits.

  • Improve your staff’s working experience by optimising their visits, ensuring unnecessary travel time is avoided.

  • You can monitor what’s happening in the field and respond quickly to situations such as absences.
  • Nursebuddy eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) automates your entire homecare medication management process. 
  • Keep track of the necessary information on the given or refused medicines.
  • Keep your staff and clients safe with up-to-date risk assessment notes that are part of your client profiles.
  • Carer app makes sure your staff has accurate and real-time information, no matter where your clients are based. Don’t get overwhelmed by piles of paper as everything is done automatically.

  • Carers can see in the Nursebuddy app all of the services that are required to perform at a visit and they can tick them off once they are completed. They can add written or audio notes and any other updates or important information regarding each client.

  • The app also works without an internet connection for up to 24 hours
  • Track the status of the scheduled visits and carer activity with Nursebuddy. Call monitoring is based on real-time GPS tracking and notifications.

  • You can see if calls are started on time, late or missed, and you can react to the situation quickly.
  • Run and export payroll reports for all your care staff with just one click.

  • Adjust rates for the whole company or by a person.
  • Let families join the care. The Family Portal creates trust, providing peace of mind for family members.
  • Invoicing and Reporting Suite to suit your needs. Tailor your reports for all client visits and carer work shifts.

Not just pretty numbers;
using Nursebuddy really gives you extra hours!

Trusted by

215 companies

Nursebuddy is already trusted by 215 home and domiciliary care companies in the UK, Ireland and Finland. Many of our new customers have started to use Nursebuddy because of a recommendation by our current customer.
Thank you for your trust! ❤️


Total care hours managed by Nursebuddy

Our customers have done already over 10 million care hours with Nursebuddy. You have been busy helping the elderly and others in need of care!
It has been our pleasure to be able to help you with those visits!


Customer support happiness

After each customer support conversation, we ask our customers to evaluate the service they got. 96 % are either happy or super happy with customer support.

Faster inspections

Shortens the time used to inspections​

“A recent CQC inspection was completed in a couple of hours through accessing the data online. Previously it would have taken them [CQC] 2-3 days to go through all the paperwork.” Says our customer Billy Chinaka, managing director of Peartree1 Ltd.


Active Nursebuddy users

There are 14K active users in Nursebuddy. That’s a lot of helpful managers, caregivers and family members.


Active homecare clients

20.000 clients have received homecare and domiciliary care from our clients. We are so proud of you!


Home care management software

Care plans, Risk Assessments, Nursebuddy eMAR, Carer mobile app, Automatic rostering, Call monitoring, Mileage reporting, Family portal AND Reports.
We have it all!