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Nursebuddy Introduces Revolutionary Scheduling System: Meet Autopilot!

Nursebuddy’s Autopilot is here to help with all your scheduling needs. Book a demo to find out how to schedule all your carer visits’ with one button click.

Planning and scheduling are often challenging – clients have different preferences of carers, carers have different schedules and expertise, the distance between different clients – you name it, it’s a lot to consider. Planning a perfect weekly schedule for your care company may seem like a daunting task, one that is stressful and takes many hours away from you every week.


Putting together a schedule for your care company is demanding as there are a lot of variables to take into consideration regarding your carers and your clients. As if regular scheduling alone wasn’t challenging enough, adding the possibility of carer or client falling sick, having to reschedule for whatever reason, or plan for emergencies adds a new dimension of difficulty.  


Nursebuddy’s Autopilot feature is here to solve your scheduling nightmares once and for all. 

Autopilot automizes scheduling client visits in Nursebuddy so that each client visit is allocated to the perfect carer for the given client. The client-carer suitability is assessed against a range of requirements that could be difficult to stay on top of when scheduling manually!

autopilot schedule

What Autopilot takes into consideration when making your company’s weekly schedule for you:

For the clients

  1. Carer compliance matches the visit requirements
  2. The carer is not a no-go carer for the client
  3. The visit time preference window is always respected
  4. The length of the visit is respected
  5. Team boundaries are respected by default
  6. Client preferred carers are prioritized.
  7. Clients’ carer gender preferences are prioritized.

For the carers

  1. Travel time (driving) between visits is taken into account
  2. Carers’ lunch breaks are automatically accounted for in schedules. By default, work shifts longer than 6 hours will have a 30-minute lunch break in the 2-hour window in the middle of the work shift.
  3. The carer’s work shift starts by default at the first visit location and ends at the shift’s last visit location.
autopilot options

Autopilot is a one-of-a-kind tool in the home care software sector. Since all the conditions for a perfect visit are being managed by Nursebuddy’s intelligent system, visits are scheduled automatically with a click of a button – in accordance with the client’s wishes and carer suitability. Just click the “Autopilot” button when scheduling and watch your schedule being made automatically in front of you. 

Are you used to spending 5+ hours on making your care company’s weekly visit schedule? With Autopilot, this time can be cut down to a matter of seconds and one click of a button. It is however not just a matter of relieving the stress of planning a weekly schedule and saving time on it – assigning a perfectly matched carer to a client can help your care company increase mutual satisfaction – happy clients, happy carers. By managing your company’s schedule efficiently, you will be able to take on more clients while maintaining high quality care services.


What you can do with Nursebuddy

Take your time back

Spend hours less per month creating schedules, and more time taking care of your carers and clients.

Perfect client-carer match

Compliance, skills, availability, efficiency and preference all taken into account, resulting in happier clients and happier carers.

Serve more clients

Efficient scheduling creates more availability for your current carers to serve more clients than before.

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Transform your home care management with NurseBuddy

For care professionals

Take back control of your day and your desk with a fleet of on-board programs tailored to your needs. You’ll love how easy it is to use. 
  • All the care management tools you need in one place
  • Rostering, care plans, timesheets, eMAR, reports…
  • World class data protection & compliance
  • In-app support, webinar and training resources for free

For home care managers

Eliminate the stress of scheduling. Clock-in, clock-out, communicate, and (of course) care, all with the greatest of ease.
  • Real-time roster and care plans in mobile
  • Simple check-in and out system
  • Risk assessments to keep you safe
  • Paperless reporting tools

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