family portal

The Nursebuddy
Family Portal

The Nursebuddy Family Portal allows family members to follow the care services provided to their loved ones in real-time, no matter where they are. Involving family members in care increases transparency and trust for both care providers and relatives.

It is now more important than ever to involve the family members of the homecare clients in the care safely.

Greater transparency, trust and peace of mind!

Increased transparency and trust

Families can see completed visits and progress of their loved one’s care in real-time.

Always up-to-date

No more oldfashioned paper or diaries. Upcoming visits & carers due to attend are visible, so everyone stays informed.

Accessible communication

Families can write messages for carers and managers, keeping everyone informed quickly and efficiently.

nursebuddy family portal

Let families
join the care

No matter where they live, a secure and private login area allows them to be involved.

Health security

Family can stay updated online, especially when they can’t visit themselves because of
a health risk.

Peace of mind

It's easier to have peace of mind when you know what's going on with your loved ones.

The Nursebuddy
Family Portal

The Nursebuddy Family Portal invites your clients’ families to join in the care. Sharing information about their visits and care increases trust and confidence that all is good with their loved ones. 

Family members can see the basic information of the client, the diary notes, and the calendar. The diary notes is a list of all recent visits and services provided, while the calendar includes all the upcoming visits. In the diary, they can add notes for the care workers and managers to notify for example about a future visit to the relatives or a temporary hospitalization. 

Only the homecare companies can grant access to the Family Portal as this is their tool to involve clients’ relatives to the care.

Setting up your client’s family access:

  1. Choose the client to whom you want to add the client’s family access.
  2. Add a contact, type in the contact information and provide access to the family portal
  3. Choose a username, set a password and click save.

The homecare manager or coordinator has the administrative role to the family portal, which means that you can do modifications whenever and grant or deny access when needed. Editing is straightforward and quick. 

Increase client satisfaction by involving their loved ones to the care.