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NurseBuddy’s eMAR feature is designed to minimise human errors made in medication dosage and repetition and aims to eradicate millions of medication errors made in the UK every year.

Among the many tasks that home care workers have, medication administration and timely and accurate reporting of it is one of the most important ones. Ensuring safe medication preparation and delivery to clients is a crucial part of a carer’s job, one that an electronic system with a streamlined way of medication reporting can help with.


Did you know that more than 237 million medication errors are made every year in England? Over half of those errors are made at the point of administration. These errors present themselves through prescription issues, timing mistakes, incorrect dosage or frequency, omission of administration, or just the wrong administration technique. These are serious mistakes that can have serious consequences, and precautions need to be taken in advance.


Mistakes with medication largely come from human error. Outside of ensuring your home care team is well-trained, the best way to combat medication to guarantee that your company has excellent documentation processes in place. This is where Nursebuddy comes in. We have implemented a new medication repetition feature that has completely transformed medication administration processes for home care companies. It works with or without eMAR (electronic medication administration record), a software that helps with the process of distributing and tracking medications. Finally, no more squinting at nearly illegible handwriting as you try to figure out what the prescriber might have meant. 

Implementing digitisation into your home care company can be difficult, but Nursebuddy makes this process easy. A new report shows that 89% of home care providers use technology in their business, and if you have not already, now you can, too! Nursebuddy allows you to provide care accurately and safely, with less hassle. Simultaneously, Nursebuddy will help you to improve your company reputation and get better CQC ratings, too.

Digital home care solutions mean you can provide a better quality of care for clients. Not only is eMAR accessible no matter where you are, you now have an excellent audit trail to track any changes in medication. With everything being digitally recorded, you will spend less time writing and recording visits, and more time doing what you do best – caring for people. After all, you went into this business because you want to help people feel better, not spending hours keeping detailed, complex records. 

If eMAR is unavailable, Nursebuddy’s new feature will still help you. Our system will prompt you:
  • When making changes to live MAR schedules
  • When to notify the manager
  • When a medication is not given
  • Show you if the medication dosage was changed

By implementing Nursebuddy and eradicating medication errors in your company, you not only change the quality of life for your clients, but can transform the lives of your home care workers, and your entire home care company. Our software creates a seamless, easy workflow that helps home care workers focus on loving what they do, which leads to less employee turnover.

eMAR by Nursebuddy

Client Medication

Set medication rates in any way you need – is there a medication that needs to be taken on an irregular basis, but still repeatedly? With Nursebuddy, you are able to set weekly repetition on certain days, a dose to be taken every X amount of days and so on – you are in full control of noting your client’s medication schedule.



  • All reports – be they regular reports, alerts or issues – can be seen immediately with one click of a button. That way you always know about the status of your client’s medication situation, be it a usual or an exceptional situation.
  • Having a CQC audit ahead? You can now comfortably export all medication reports and notes easily to present for audit! 
  • PRN medication (to be taken as needed) information is now stored separately from regular medication information.
  • All eMAR notifications now naturally take into account your client’s medication rates so you get them precisely when you need them!

What you can do with Nursebuddy

Take your time back 

Spend 10hrs less per month creating invoices, and more time taking care of your workers and clients.

Gain better control

View patient care schedules easily, make changes quickly.

Work smarter

We work together with clients to ensure every feature works just as homecare managers need it to.

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Transform your home care management with NurseBuddy

For care professionals

Take back control of your day and your desk with a fleet of onboard programs tailored to your needs. You’ll love how easy it is to use. 

  • All the care management tools you need in one place
  • Rostering, care plans, timesheets, eMAR, reports…
  • World-class data protection & compliance
  • In-app support, webinar and training resources for free

For home care managers

Eliminate the stress of scheduling. Clock-in, clock-out, communicate, and (of course) care, all with the greatest of ease.
  • Real-time roster and care plans in mobile
  • Simple check-in and out system
  • Risk assessments to keep you safe
  • Paperless reporting tools

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