Nursebuddy Digital Care Plan

Nursebuddy Digital Care Plan is more effective than the traditional paper-based plan template in ensuring domiciliary care is delivered correctly, as it can be linked directly to the planning of your service and visits rota and roster.

Build an effective digital care plan at the core of your service

Keep information updated

The software ensures that managers and carers have the latest version of the care plan at hand. Updates come in real-time and the system alerts when a plan is about to expire.

Turn plans into concrete action

A ready plan is easy to turn into a concrete task list for carers. Briefings are quick when all the information is in one place.

Save time with care plan templates

Create templates that can be copied and edited. Pre-made templates speed up the process of building tailored plans.

digital care plan
Worry less about inspections

Quickly provide authorities with the data they require by exporting reports from Nursebuddy.

Customise effectively

Customise a plan according to the client's needs, goals, actions and services.

See the full history

All versions of the plan are always available to those involved with the client’s care.

Each domiciliary care client must have a care plan, which shows their assessed needs and how these can be met by carers. The plan is always customised and based on the client’s health, personal and social care needs. The identified needs are used to form a detailed description of what the domiciliary care visits should include.

In Nursebuddy, each client’s profile has an easy-to-use digital plan that shows when it was last updated and what the critical care-related needs are. The feature helps ensure that the client gets the correct service to achieve their care goals, such as getting healthier or staying fit.

You can quickly create customised plans for each client in Nursebuddy and turn them into concrete tasks for the carers with two steps:

  1. Build digital care plan templates. Add categories such as nutrition, personal care and mobility. You can modify templates as needed. Pre-made templates speed up the process of building plans while allowing you to customise the information as required. 
  2. Create a customised plan for each customer. Choose the right kind of template and fill in information about the client’s needs, goals, actions and services and how urgent they are.

The templates work as a checklist for managers to ensure they have recorded all the care-related vital notes. You can choose client-specific services from an editable list and add instructions for the care workers. 

It is easy to turn a digital care plan into a detailed checklist for carers so that they always know what they are supposed to do on a visit. The carers see the task list on their mobile phone using the Nursebuddy app, carry out the tasks during a call and mark them as done as the visit progresses. The carer can only view the plans but not edit them on their mobile app. You can see which tasks have been completed using a real-time overview from the diary notes. 

The clients and their families can see a summary of the plan and follow the progress of the care delivered, using the Family Portal. They can get access to the Family Portal by requesting it from the designated domiciliary care company.

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