Nursebuddy launches new webinar series for domiciliary carers

Picture of Jayne Scarman, Head of Marketing at Nursebuddy
Posted by Jayne Scarman, Head of Marketing at Nursebuddy

Nursebuddy has launched a new webinar series aimed at domiciliary care workers.

Starting in March 2024, the live webinar series will offer homecare workers practical guidance on the key issues affecting them as they do their job.

Featuring subject matter experts from around social care, each bite-size 30 minute webinar will focus on useful support that both care workers and management teams can take away and try immediately.

Topics will include mental health, dealing with loss and some of the legal responsibilities relating to care work.

Rocio Solis, Customer Success Manager at Nursebuddy behind the webinar series, said: “As we talk to our customers we see a lot of common themes come up for them about the things that affect their domiciliary care teams.

"We wanted to give our care workers access to some helpful advice and support from experts they might otherwise not get access to, as well as the opportunity to learn from good practice at other care companies."

Topics for Nursebuddy's carer webinar series

Planned topics for the first instalment of Nursebuddy’s webinar series include:

Resilience - how to take care of yourself as a care worker and build up resilience to deal with the challenges of the role. Watch on demand.

This webinar will feature Pastora Ltd - coaching and training on wellbeing for care and management teams.

Roles & responsibilities - the expectations and legal requirements on you as a care worker, particularly in relation to recording notes.

Grief & loss - advice for dealing with the grief associated with losing people you have been caring for.

Stress - ways of managing stress and some of the warning signs to look out for to spot when stress might be starting to affect you.

Trauma - how to be trauma-informed and understand how our brains, emotions and nervous system help us to make sense of our experiences, behaviours and those around us.

Rocio continued: “these are the topics that come up most often so they are a good place for this webinar series to start. But we’d love to hear from care workers about other topics they’d like us to cover.”

“Ultimately, our aim is to help our domiciliary care workers to thrive in their care career.”
- Rocio Solis, Customer Success Manager at Nursebuddy