Customer testimonial: Peartree1 creating modern home care business

Established in 2016 Peartree1 ltd. is a growing star in the homecare scene. Their dedication and strive to creating a truly modern and compassionate homecare business has seen them go from strength to strength.

Peartree1 prioritise clients and increase productivity at the same time

Billy Chinaka’s, Peartree1’s Managing Director, focus on reducing paperwork and admin meant finding a technical solution was a priority as soon as they were operating. “Having Nursebuddy for the rotas reduces the amount of employees needed in the office and increases productivity,” knowing they can rely on Nursebuddy to be up to date for both carers and managers means staff can prioritise clients.

Easy transition and real-time information for carers

An easy transition for carers was an important consideration when looking for software, knowing Nursebuddy runs on their personal mobiles saves hassle and training with new devices and equipment.

Our carers often read their client care plans in bed, they can prepare for the day ahead and it’s not taking time away during visits,” Billy says. Having all the information easily accessible in one place not only saves time but means nothing is missed “we always make sure we take a cake to a client when it’s their Birthday, Nursebuddy’s birthday reminder feature means we’ll never forget.”

Faster CQC inspection

It’s not just staff that have benefited, a recent CQC inspection was completed in a couple of hours through accessing the data online “previously it would have taken them 2-3 days to go through all the paperwork.” Billy hopes more homecare companies will continue to embrace going digital as he sees other businesses struggling to keep on top of operations. With increased productivity, efficiency and organisation there’s certainly no looking back for this team.

Peartree1 Ltd

"Having Nursebuddy for the rotas reduces the amount of employees needed in the office and increases productivity."

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