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At NurseBuddy, we believe in the power of new technologies to deliver high standards of home care. Our technology presents a unique solution to support all clients, carers and managers to improve communication and business practices.

NurseBuddy is a cloud-based care management application, that enables home care providers to focus on delivering high quality, cost effective home care.

NurseBuddy key benefits:

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Customer Stories

Adair care nursebuddy

Adair Care Ltd is a domiciliary care agency based in Larnaca, Cyprus. One of their biggest challenges was communicating effectively with service users families, who often live abroad and find it difficult to stay in touch.

“When I was deciding on a client management system, the most important factor for me was that families could have access to our visit times and notes. By using NurseBuddy we have managed to bring families closer and we can allow them to interact with us from miles away. It has proven to be a unique selling point to our families, because at least one member of every family we care for lives outside of Cyprus. It has also drastically reduced the amount of time that I spend sending emails every day – which I love!”


Our team like using Nurse Buddy because it is easy to use and very interactive. The office staff like it as they can see people logging in and out of calls in real time and can see any updates to the client’s notes. This allows us to update our records quickly and remain very reactive to our customers needs. 


It is an excellent method of monitoring where staff are and how long they have remained at the call. As a manager I like being able to log in from wherever I am to update or check data. It works well on my ipad and laptop and the staff can download the app on their smartphone, whatever type of phone they have. This is helpful too, as it means we can all use the system with minimal costs.  


Team Nurse Buddy HQ are also very helpful and kind, and this is reassuring while you are learning how to use the system, although it is very straightforward to use.  

nursebuddy care at home

Care At Home Services based in Kildare, Ireland have been in business for 10 years now, earning them a treasured place in their local community for elderly care service.

Using NurseBuddy, they have reduced costs, saved time, and improved carer relationships. They are just one of the many companies that are using NurseBuddy for their home and domiciliary care software solutions.

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