Nursebuddy show that care companies can actually save money by digitising their process.

We have the tools to help care companies eliminate the stress of scheduling, Clock-in, clock-out, communication, and much more, all with the greatest of ease.

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Up-to-date, easy to access, risk assessments

  • High quality, up-to-date, individualised risk assessments are essential to delivering ‘Safe’ and ‘Responsive’ care. 
  • Like care plans, Nursebuddy risk assessments are available for carers to view and update before, during and after every visit, and allow carers to quickly visualise what the highest risks are for every client before delivering care. 
  • All risk assessments are ranked according to high risk levels and any changes to risk levels are clearly flagged for the next carer before their visit. 

Keep Your Carer's Skills Up To Date

  • Keep track of your carers’ compliance documents all in one place
  • Easily check which carers are non-compliant with essential items like mandatory training
  • Record evidence of compliance directly on the Nursebuddy carer’s profile by uploading pictures of compliance documents
  • Make it easy for staff to keep up to date with changes to policies and create an audit trail of this


Feedback tool for families and service users

  • Nursebuddy was one of the first on the market to introduce a 2-way communication tool between families and staff
  • Families can leave notes for staff, highlighting any individual needs and identifying any risks that may have changed since the carers last visit
  • Evidence a person-centred approach to care that incorporates the input of all the individuals that play an important role in the clients life