Below is a selection of our FAQ’s. If you have any questions about our software that are not answered below, please contact us.

How to Log in to Nursebuddy? How to download the app?

Logging in as a care manager

• If you have already signed up with Nursebuddy, you can find your login details in your Welcome Email.
• Once you have your login details, you can log in directly from our website. The login link is on the top menu.
• Didn’t receive your login email? Send us a message to: support@nursebuddy.fi

Logging in as a care worker

• Download the NurseBuddy mobile app and log in using your username & PIN code.
• Don’t have a username? Please contact your care manager.

Logging in as a family member

• Please contact your care provider.
• Only the care provider can grant access to the Family Portal.
• Once you have your login details, you can log in at http://login.nursebuddy.fi

How to download the Nursebuddy app

The Nursebuddy app can be downloaded here:

What does Nursebuddy do?

What is Nursebuddy?

Nursebuddy Care Management software allows home care companies to manage their business with an easy to use online platform and mobile app. Nursebuddy enables scheduling, invoicing, care plans and reporting tools for home care companies to improve their efficiency and decrease costs.

How is it priced?

Our software pricing structure is based on the amount of care hours that you schedule monthly, so your costs are always in line with your business. To find out more about our pricing, click here.

Is there a cost for setup, training or support?

Our team wants to make sure that you get the most of our Nursebuddy. Set up, training and support are included in our pricing at no extra cost. Contact our customer success to find out more.

How many carers and administration staff can use Nursebuddy?

Nursebuddy allows you to store as many carers and administration staff as you need, with no extra cost for additional users.

Starting with Nursebuddy

Can I get a demonstration?

Yes, you can! We offer an online demonstration, with one of our product experts, who would be happy to answer any of your questions. Contact us now for more info.

Is Nursebuddy suitable for care homes or residential homes?

Nursebuddy is specifically designed for home care and therefore it is the ideal platform for managing carers that visit clients in their own homes. However, we have customers that are using it also in care homes.

How do I install a Nursebuddy account?

No installation is required for Nursebuddy. All you need is an internet connection, and have the Google Chrome browser installed on your computer or tablet. To start using Nursebuddy, just book a demo with us and we’ll help you get started.

How is it priced?

We have tools to make the change easy and fast. You can transfer all your client and carer information to Nursebuddy at once and we’ll guide you. Just book a demo with us.

About our software

Do I need to update my Nursebuddy?

No, Nursebuddy is cloud-based and will always be updated automatically. However, Nursebuddy works best with the latest version of the Chrome browser.

What reports can I create in Nursebuddy?

Nursebuddy allows you to create various types of reports on clients and carers. These help you analyse visits, absences, incidents and notes for each visit, as well as carer compliances.

How easy is it to create my schedules in Nursebuddy? 

You can create your visit schedules in various ways, either manually or using our automation tools. For example, Nursebuddy’s smart Autopilot does most of the heavy lifting of scheduling with one click, ensuring that carers have enough time between visits and their compliances meet the client’s needs. 

Can we print the schedule from Nursebuddy to send it to everyone? 

Yes, you can print a summary of a carer’s visits planned for the day.

Can Nursebuddy be exported to other systems eg. Payroll/HR/etc? 

Nursebuddy can be synchronised with other systems easily. We have experience integrating Nursebuddy with accounting and payroll systems in particular.

Is there a place to upload proper paperwork per carer/client? 

There is an Attachments section in each carer/client profile where you can upload a document that has been scanned, photographed or created on your own computer.

Using the mobile app in the field

What if staff have no internet connection or mobile data during a visit with a client? 

Your staff can still use the Nursebuddy app even without network coverage and report through the application. When the carer comes back to a coverage zone, the saved information will be synchronised automatically.

If the carer is in a low coverage area, how will they complete the visit?

They can continue to use the app as normal up to 24 hours while offline as long as they have initially logged in in Wi-Fi/good coverage area.

How much mobile data and battery does the Nursebuddy app use? 

Nursebuddy data and power usage is low and is the equivalent of any messaging app like WhatsApp.

Moving your care staff to Nursebuddy

Will I be able to see where my staff is all the time through the Nursebuddy app?

No, the Nursebuddy app shows your carer’s location only during the time defined in the work shift. This guarantees the carer’s privacy outside of work hours.

Can carers see important notes/additions to the care plan? 

Yes, all updates are made in real-time so carers will see them on their mobile app immediately. New additions to the care plan or risk assessment need to be savedd in order to be visible in the Client profile on the app. Alternatively, the Care Manager can add a new service directly into the Visit on the rota and it will appear in the Visit details on the app.

Do we need to supply smartphones to carers or can they use their own? What if they do not have one?

Carers can use their own smartphone and download the app for free so you do not have to supply smartphones to staff. If they do not have a smartphone, they can use a tablet or use their computer at home to log in at the start and end of each day.

What if my staff are still reluctant  to use a mobile app?

Nursebuddy helps to improve care staff’s daily workflow.

Our customers tell us that Nursebuddy helps them feel safer. They have a digital record of where and when they were with a client, and save hours of checking and verification that may otherwise be needed.

Security & Data compliance

If a phone is lost or stolen, how is patient data protected?

The Nursebuddy app will close after a few seconds and will require logging in again to use. Therefore, it will not be possible to open the app or access patient data if the phone is lost or stolen.

How does the compliance tab in the carer’s profile work? 

You input the name of the certification or qualification along with a date and the system will indicate if a carer is compliant or not when the rota is being done. The manager will also receive a notification informing them 30 days before this is due to expire.

Where is the data stored?

We take the security of your data very seriously at Nursebuddy. The environment that hosts the Nursebuddy services maintains multiple certifications for its data centers, including ISO 27001 compliance, PCI Certification, and SOC reports. The servers we use are located in Ireland and Germany. For more information please read our security practices.

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