Nursebuddy Rota and Roster

With Nursebuddy Rota and Roster, you can plan and share visits easily so that every client gets an appropriate carer to take care of the visit.

You can monitor what’s happening in the field and respond quickly to situations such as absences.

"Nursebuddy Rota and Roster is my favourite feature no question. A huge change from paper-based; ease of use and we can see who to use to cover work instantly! Everything is live and the carers know instantly if they're needed at an additional visit!"
Paul Nuttall
Assistant Manager Homecare Services Rossendale

Optimise rota and roster with Nursebuddy care software

Automate Rota Scheduling

The optimisation tool will automatically create rotas for the upcoming weeks based on past data saving you time.

Optimise travel between visits

The system helps you plan rotas that optimise travel so that the care workers save time and you save on mileage.

Match preferred carer automatically

Efficient scheduling creates more availability for your current carers to serve more clients than before.

Don’t miss any absences

It’s easy to notice any client or carer's absences to handle these situations immediately. Postpone or share visits with another carer. Notify a carer if a client is absent.

Confirm carer compliance

Keep your staff and clients safe by verifying carer compliance when scheduling. The system notifies you if a carer’s compliance has expired.

Monitor visits real-time

You can monitor in real-time which visits have started on time, which are late or missed, and manage the situation as needed.

The Nursebuddy Rota and Roster ensure that your clients receive domiciliary care according to their care plan and that care is secured. It is a flexible tool to create domiciliary care rotas and rosters in minutes.

With Nursebuddy you can react quickly to the rapidly changing situation that requires rosters to be reorganised without disturbing other visits. Automating the rostering process saves time and ensures that information moves in real-time.

How to create rotas easily? 

  1. Match the right carer for each client
  2. Assign visits
  3. Automate rostering

Match the right carer for each client. The software helps you to plan rotas so that every client will get a qualified carer to take care of the visit. Add your carer’s work shifts and availability, and schedule your client visits in their calendar. By matching a client’s preferred carer with their visits, you’ll be able to create repeating rotas quickly. 

When all of your data is in place, you can begin to assign visits. Visits can be scheduled either by manually dragging visits to the desired care workers or by using automation tools. The system verifies carers’ availability so no clashes will happen! 

The likelihood of errors decreases as the system helps you identify potential obstacles. The prompts notify you of how much time is needed to get between the two visits, how many carers are required for each call, or if something is wrong with the visit plan, e.g. it’s off-schedule or assigned to a no-go carer. In the event of unexpected changes, you can make edits flexibly.

Once you’ve started to use Nursebuddy, the system learns which rosters are optimal for your carers and clients and enables you to automate scheduling. Automation tools speed up the rostering process and save you time.

Well-planned rotas can be copied to future weeks based on past visit runs or preferred carers. With Nursebuddy sharing the visits is easy and automated providing real-time information across all platforms so carers are always up to date. Making changes is easy. 

Care workers see their daily visit list automatically on the carer app. You can monitor the real-time status of visits and carer activity.

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