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Nursebuddy’s unique tools can help you plan, deliver and evidence high quality care

NurseBuddy’s existing and upcoming features help you deliver the highest quality care, while at the same time making it as easy as possible for you to evidence this for the CQC. 

CQC inspections can be overwhelming. It goes without saying that you want to provide the highest quality care possible, but the day-to-day challenges of running a business can make it difficult to understand how to organise and what to prioritise for inspections. A poor CQC rating can have devastating effects on your business. This is made all the more frustrating when you know that you do provide great care, but showing evidence of that in the way the CQC expects isn’t always straightforward. 

At Nursebuddy, we genuinely want to help you deliver the highest quality care, while at the same time making it as easy as possible for you to evidence this for the CQC. A good CQC rating will help you bring in new clients, retain existing clients and attract the top talent in care staff in your region. Nursebuddy Home Care software provides a range of existing tools to help you manage your business, staff and clients in a CQC compliant way, and we’re excited to announce a range of new marketing-leading tools that will help you move closer towards that “Outstanding” rating in your next inspection.

Existing features

These are some features of Nursebuddy that currently help our customers deliver and evidence the highest quality, person-centred care:

Person-Centred Care Plans

  • Up-to-date: our easy-to-use and recently upgraded Nursebuddy app for carers means carers have real-time access to view and update the clients care plan during their visit. Evidence that you deliver a ‘Caring’, ‘Safe’ and ‘Responsive’ service by equipping your staff with all the information they need at their fingertips before every visit. 
  • Goal-oriented: Nursebuddy carer visits are broken down into specific activities for carers to complete that are based directly on the individual client’s unique care plan goals. Carers then confirm that they’ve completed these activities through the app, meaning you have direct evidence that person-specific care is being provided, and that care plan goals are being met. 
  • Individualised: No two people are the same, therefore no two care plans should be the same, either. Every individual has unique preferences for what’s important to them, from life values to food preferences and personal hygiene. These preferences can also change over time. Nursebuddy care plans are built together with the client, with features that allow for full care plan customisation, and can be viewed and updated in real time through the Nursebuddy app at every visit. 

Up-to-date, easy to access, risk assessments

  • High quality, up-to-date, individualised risk assessments are essential to delivering ‘Safe’ and ‘Responsive’ care. 
  • Like care plans, Nursebuddy risk assessments are available for carers to view and update before, during and after every visit, and allow carers to quickly visualise what the highest risks are for every client before delivering care. 
  • All risk assessments are ranked according to high risk levels and any changes to risk levels are clearly flagged for the next carer before their visit. 

Carer training and compliance tracking

  • Keep track of your carers’ compliance documents all in one place
  • Easily check which carers are non-compliant with essential items like mandatory training
  • Record evidence of compliance directly on the Nursebuddy carer’s profile by uploading pictures of compliance documents
  • Distribute policy and procedures directly to your staff through Nursebuddy, and allow staff to certify that they have read and understood the documents
  • Make it easy for staff to keep up to date with changes to policies and create an audit trail of this

Feedback tool for families and service users

  • Nursebuddy was one of the first on the market to introduce a 2-way communication tool between families and staff
  • Families can leave notes for staff, highlighting any individual needs and identifying any risks that may have changed since the carers last visit
  • Evidence a person-centred approach to care that incorporates the input of all the individuals that play an important role in the clients life

Safe medication management

  • Set medication rates in any way you need – is there a medication that needs to be taken on an irregular basis, but still repeatedly? With Nursebuddy, you are able to set weekly repetition on certain days, a dose to be taken every X amount of days and so on – you are in full control of noting your client’s medication schedule 
  • All reports – be it regular reports, alerts or issues – can be seen immediately with one click of a button. That way you always know about the status of your client’s medication situation, be it a usual or an exceptional situation.
  • A CQC audit ahead? You can now comfortably export all medication reports and notes easily to present for audit! 
  • PRN medication (to be taken as needed) information is now stored separately from regular medication information.
  • All eMAR notifications now naturally take into account your client medication rates so you get them precisely when you need them!

Coming soon

These features are currently in development and will be coming to Nursebuddy very soon. 

If you would like to know when these features are available, please sign up here and we will let you know as soon as they are released. 

CQC Inspection Preparation Checklist

  • A self-audit tool that will help you to understand where you stand on each of the CQC inspection subcategories in preparation for your next inspection 
  • Know the areas where you need to improve well in advance, so you can put improvements in place before the inspectors arrive
  • Organise your documents and evidence so you’re ready on the day 

Care Quality Dashboard

  • An industry-first! Our Care Quality Dashboard that will helps you understand care quality at a management level
  • Everything in one place – easily check if all your clients’ care plans are up to date, all your medication is delivered safely and on time, all your staff are compliant with mandatory training and that staff have read all relevant policies (plus more useful metrics) – all on one screen, so you don’t have to go digging through individual records to see where the gaps are 
  • Evidence to the CQC that you’re effectively using and responding to data in real-time to lead your organisation well

Incident management, tracking response & reporting

  • Nursebuddy’s new incident management system creates a digital record of all incidents, meaning no more paper forms or trips to the office
  • Nursebuddy allows you to record incident updates to evidence ‘Responsive’, ‘Safe’ and ‘Well Led’ care: response (what did you do in response to the incident, how did you mitigate the impact of this incident?), information sharing (how did you let staff, the client and their family know about the incident?) and action plan  (what did you do about the incident to prevent it from happening again?)

Feedback Surveys

  • A big part of CQC inspections involves feedback from families and service users – be in-the-know about what your clients are saying about you before the CQC asks them by using Nursebuddy’s new Feedback Survey feature
  • Improve in areas with lower feedback well in advance of your inspection, raising the quality of care you deliver in response to the feedback at the same time

Interactive action plans

  • Don’t let the same incident happen twice – put your action plan into practice and follow up that steps have been taken to prevent it from happening again
  • Evidence your responsiveness with incident reports will include itemised action plans where you and your staff can confirm you’ve completed every step

Care Plan Updates

  • Digital food and fluid charts – keep track of nutrition and hydration with Nursebuddy’s advanced tools to reduce risk of falls, pressure sores, infections and A&E attendances that can have devastating consequences for the individuals in your care
  • Intimate care tracker – extra layer of documentation for dignity and respect during personal hygiene tasks
  • Digital body maps to track skin changes as they happen, prevent pressure sores from developing or worsening to improve patient outcomes

Let us keep you in the loop

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