NurseBuddy at work with MyHomeCare – Case Study

NurseBuddy have been working closely with MyHomeCare for over 18 months,

and have rolled our care management software out across their entire staff. We recently caught up with Samantha Myles, Senior Care Coordinator at MyHomeCare about how NurseBuddy has helped improve their services and grow their staff.

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How has NurseBuddy most helped MyHomeCare?

Live Roster access means we can be assured that the staff out in the field are with the clients on schedule and we can be reassured by GPS location. The reporting element of NurseBuddy is easy to navigate for our client care managers, and compliance Reporting and notifications on our homecare workers improves the homecare bookers time management when it comes to booking staff on courses. Having Time and GPS stamp on shift log in can provide reassurance for the team and Nurse assessors as well.

Having communication with the development team has helped – sharing ideas and getting feedback ensures we are collaborating efficiently. The newly implemented Help Centre is an added support feature for our internal staff!

How have GPS systems and the mobile app impacted the business?

It has ensured that staff are where they need to be, and there is little resistance from the care staff to being monitored. Any that would take advantage of a paper and phone based system have been easy to identify and address. Reduced missed and late visits, as we can see live log in, ensures the quality of our service as we can guarantee no client will go without care. The Live feed of data that is input into the client notes can be accessible immediately here in office this provided the team with immediate valuable information on the wellbeing of the client.

Are there any other ways that NurseBuddy has made a significant impact?

Payroll is much more efficient. By making it mandatory that using NurseBuddy would reflect the hours for payroll, it makes everyone use it and payroll more streamlined. There is also no need for old fashioned timesheets, faxing etc, as everything can be communicated digitally. Voice recognition also reduces time spent, and the ability to report on services has been a useful and important tool for our Nurse Assessors and Client Care managers. This is and additional support when providing Stakeholder/HSE or family’s with information regarding the client.

In the event of any complex case we can provide adequate valuable data reporting to families and HSE to ensure all parties can have access to every detail of the shift that has taken place. We have also moved the company in the direction of e-health, we now are developing the social side – connecting the families and friends to the circle of care for the client.

In one line, what has NurseBuddy meant for MyHomeCare?

The NurseBuddy system has meant that we are provided with instant updates that we can action straight away  The Immediate sharing of information improves the quality of care and the service in which we provide.

What do MyHomeCare’s staff think?

MyHomeCare’s oldest Carer, Pauline, is 72 years old, and uses NurseBuddy in her daily care duties for MyHomeCare.

“It is uplifting that technology is helping to reduce time spent documenting ,enabling you to spend more time with your client ensuring they have your utmost attention and care’.’

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