How to provide great customer support

As NurseBuddy’s Customer Success Manager providing great service is my top priority. Whether it’s tech, home care or working on a shop floor how you approach and handle your customers is essential for success.

Relationship Building

The most obvious aspect of creating a base of happy customers is building a relationship with them, understanding their unique needs and requirements is essential for a long term partnership. With over 200 customers at NurseBuddy it sometimes can be tricky to remember everyone’s name and previous discussions! Using Intercom allows us to keep track of everyone and see previous conversations in one place.

Tailoring your communication to each customer is imperative, if you have company updates or newsletters make sure everyone is personalised especially when it comes to sensitive issues such as billing and service changes. With so much competition out there, creating a strong relationship is essential to retaining your customers. Many will continue using your service based on this alone in spite of any practical issues or concerns.


Relationship building isn’t just a one way street and you need to have an outlet for customers to share their thoughts and feedback. NurseBuddy is built on suggestions, comments and queries and although it can be easy to turn a blind eye to criticism it’s the only way to truly create a customer centric service. Feedback forms, surveys, regular check in calls and emails creates a sense of community and the opportunity for customers to share thoughts and feelings.

Push Back

A slightly controversial topic but it’s a strong core of Customer Success, not every customer is the right fit. You cannot possibly make everyone happy. Sometimes you have to just say no. You want your customers to be successful, supported and happy with their service provider and it’s impossible to meet everyone’s specific set of criteria. Recommending another service is the last thing anyone wants to do but a bad fit customer is unlikely to work out in the long run.


Another aspect of customer happiness is tackling their problems before they approach you with them, being able to predict a customers needs and wants keeps you one step ahead. If you’ve signed a new client that seems a little weary and unsure of your service, give them an extra call or two to check in and make sure things are off to a good start. Constant firefighting is exhausting and hinders the ability to be proactive, implementing strong processes is the key to preventing those customer fires.


Although technology and home care can feel like a million miles away sometimes at the core we’re all striving for the same outcome, happy, paying customers that are engaged with your service. Opening your lines of communication and embracing feedback while understanding who is your right fit customer creates the space for growth and a successful business no matter the industry.


Imogen Challenger is our Customer Success Manager whose top priority is to provide great service to our customers. 

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