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“NurseBuddy has meant that we are provided with instant updates that we can action straight away. The sharing of information improves the quality of care and the service in which we provide.”

Samantha Myles, Homecare Coordinator, MyHomecare

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“NurseBuddy is easy to use and the support provided by the team has allowed us to adapt to NurseBuddy quickly meaning less stress on carers and managers as we continue to grow.”

Wendy Stocks, Founder of TES Homecare Ltd


“Having NurseBuddy for the rotas reduces the amount of employees needed in the office and increases productivity.”

Billy Chinaka, Managing Director, Peartree1 Ltd

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Applewood Care based in Dublin, Ireland.

“Nursebuddy has saved a lot of time for our company and carers are very happy the system, because they can see straight away if rosters have changed and have a lot more information in front of them..

Electronic Monitoring has been very helpful; we have been able to pick up on staff not appearing at their shift and can make a call to check if they are running late.

Families have been able to use the portal so they can check who is coming to visit their family member and check notes. This has been a good selling point for us when taking on new clients!


Our team like using NurseBuddy because it is easy to use and very interactive. The office staff like it as they can see people logging in and out of calls in real time and can see any updates to the client’s notes. This allows us to update our records quickly and remain very reactive to our customers needs. 

It is an excellent method of monitoring where staff are and how long they have remained at the call. As a manager I like being able to log in from wherever I am to update or check data. It works well on my ipad and laptop and the staff can download the app on their smartphone, whatever type of phone they have. This is helpful too, as it means we can all use the system with minimal costs.  

Team NurseBuddy HQ are also very helpful and kind, and this is reassuring while you are learning how to use the system, although it is very straightforward to use.  

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Care At Home Services based in Kildare, Ireland have been in business for 10 years now, earning them a treasured place in their local community for elderly care service.

“Using NurseBuddy, we have reduced costs, saved time, and improved carer relationships. NurseBuddy has revolutionised our service since its introduction in 2015, the system has proved very easy to use for both Care Managers and Care givers. The scheduling element has proved to be a very efficient system reducing our administration time down significantly. Assessment to client data is quicker, making it a very responsive tool for our business. The software provides quick and easy assess to performance data, providing accurate reports of visit times and carer visit durations, facilitating more efficient ways of Service management. The Communication and Planning aspect of NurseBuddy is a valuable tool, adding & enhancing Care-at-Home Services quality cycle.

The Support Team are extremely helpful, response and open to new requests for additional “add on” which service to tailored to our business needs.
I have no hesitation in recommending NurseBuddy.”

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“We first met NurseBuddy at the Care & Dementia show in October 2016 and were instantly impressed with the system and the friendly Irish team led by Christine. We set up a trial of the software and found the setup to be easy and pain-free. Imogen provided first class support throughout, consistently responding to our questions and feedback in timely manner. The result of introducing NurseBuddy to Shipston Care is our management team and carers can now work far more efficiently & effectively everyday.
Tim Hutt, Manager, Shipston Care Ltd

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