Ways to thank and reward your care staff

Employee reward and recognition systems have become popular over the years. The demanding nature of care work, especially being out in the field often isolated from colleagues means providing structured rewards and incentives can be a great way to foster positivity and appreciation for your carers. Rewards could be financial or simply recognition for the hard work that’s often overlooked, even by those receiving of care.

Setting the Standards

Define what values are important to your business and customers and reward staff when these values are met. These values could include metrics, targets or just general ideologies and principles you expect staff to embrace.

Who Should You Reward?

Both individual and team rewards have value and team rewards can definitely help with overcoming the barriers associated with an often isolating role. Individual rewards can motivate demotivated carers as well as creating a sense of loyalty and commitment.

Different Ways to Show Your Appreciation:


  • Monetary rewards are often the easiest and most appreciated.
  • Birthday bonuses provide another nice touch to show you’re invested in your staff.

Recognition in front of peers

  • Show your appreciation in internal meetings, company events etc.
  • Display your employee of the month in your head office!

Remember to say thank you

  • The easiest and most affordable way to show you care! Hand-written notes or an out of the blue phone call especially after 6 or 12 months of employment will help create long lasting relationships.


  • Extra time off from work can be incredibly value and much needed.
  • Accommodating to your carer’s own schedules, especially if they have family commitments.

Team rewards

  • Small get togethers and events, coffee and cake, catered breakfast, small gift cards, movie tickets etc.


  • Are some of your carers looking for more responsibility and do they know the steps they have to take to get there?

To choose which rewards to use find out your carers’ preferences – ask how they would like to be rewarded and what would motivate them but try to keep the balance between monetary and non-monetary rewards. However you choose to reward your carers making sure staff are always informed and clear of the benefits they can expect from being part of your care company will mean everyone has the same clear goals and standards to achieve.