Three healthcare and technology professionals invested in NurseBuddy – How it serves you?

We’ve just published an announcement about three angel investors investing in 300 000 € to NurseBuddy. It’s great news, but how will we continue to make your service better? With more people at your service, the software is taking big leaps in terms of development and we have the best possible healthcare and technology expertise in use.

More people at your service

We’ve just hired three new people within a month to strengthen our team and to be at your service. All three are experts in their own field and are here to help you on your customer journey. In addition to three hires, we have a new projectworker and more to come.

Mohamed is a software developer that joined our development team to make our software the best possible solution for home care companies to manage teams, tasks and reporting. Karolina is a sales executive so she is here to help you to find out how the software can ease your and your teams’ daily work. If you have any questions about the software Eerik will be joining our customer success team to answer and to be at your service regarding the usage of the product.

Not only have we hired three new nursebuddians but also a freelance projectworker to sprinkle his magic across the product. We’ll reveal more at a later date so keep an eye out! We are not done with the hiring and the NurseBuddy family will keep on growing in the near future.

Software taking big leaps of development

As the development team is growing the software is developing at quickening speed. This means also more technical support for you.

A team of three developers has grown to five in a short time, therefore the software becomes an even brighter diamond in their hands. Smaller and bigger changes will be made and requested features will be added to the product. As always you’ll be the first to hear about them!

Our development team takes care of the customer support so this means that you have more hands to help with your technical challenges.


Healthcare and Technology Expertise at its best

Our new angel investors have an impressive background in healthcare and technology providing their expertise to NurseBuddy and this way to you. Who would be better to advise a company that is providing a home care management software, than a group of healthcare and technology experts that have already proven to be the best of the best?

Mr Ali Omar (MD) is the Co-Founder of Med Group, a Finnish healthcare services company, and a board member of the Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN). Leena Niemistö (MD, PhD) is a health care professional who worked as a CEO in Dextra and deputy CEO in Pihlajalinna, which are Finnish medical centres. Janne Jormalainen (M.Sc.) worked for 12 years in Nokia and is the Chairman of the Board in FiBAN and several startups.

Nordic health care is seen as the best expertise in the world, and so both political and corporate decision-makers come here to learn more about it. NurseBuddy has the best possible expertise within and therefore at your service.

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