Job satisfaction in home care

Home care is a growing business constantly struggling with the shortage of employees and staff turnover. Once you’ve found great workers it’s important to uphold job satisfaction to keep staff motivated and aligned.

We’ve written several blog posts about job satisfaction in home care, and here you can find a summary of the most important points.


Hiring good carers

Hiring the right people to the right job ensures high quality of the work and also increases job satisfaction. Local universities, social media advertising and recruiting agencies are possible sources for new staff. However, don’t forget your own staff and their networks. Consider a referral scheme as well! Read more: How to find good carers  (30.5.2018).


Thanking your care staff

Thanking and rewarding your care staff in a meaningful way helps to set the standard for the service and reminds staff that they and their work is valued. Rewards ought to correlate with the values of the company and customers. Encourage teams and individuals to the kind of activity that you and your customers want to see. There are many options for incentives, but don’t forget the importance of thank you and recognition! Read more: Ways to thank and reward your care staff  (8.6.2018).


Building trust

Trust is the foundation for good job satisfaction. Ensure your employees’ trust you by getting to know them, trusting reciprocally, paying attention to your communication (consistency, no gossiping and discretion) and prioritising the staff. An open and welcoming culture that’s accessible and organised will continue to help build trust within the company. Read more: Building trust with your care staff  (29.6.2018).



Motivated employees are more engaged to their work, handle uncertainty more easily, are better problem-solvers, create higher levels of customer satisfaction, and are more likely to remain at their job. No one can deny the importance of motivation, yet keeping employees motivated is one of the struggles in home care today and increases staff turnover. Find ideas on keeping them motivated! Read more: Motivating employees (care workers) (21.8.2018).


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