Save Time and Boost Your Productivity With NurseBuddy

One of our core values at NurseBuddy is making sure our customers are able to save time and increase productivity, moving from paper to an online system can be a huge investment but we’re confident you’ll see the rewards. Make sure you’re getting the most out of NurseBuddy and find more about our time saving features below.


Create Automated Daily Schedules

Use NurseBuddy’s automated scheduling tools to create daily schedules in just a couple of clicks. We have 3 options on setting up these schedules.

  • Set a preferred carer for a client’s individual set of visits and automatically assign visits on the daily visit page.
  • Set a couple of preferred carer’s for a client’s schedule and create rotas based on these preferences, this is most suitable for when your client’s carers are flexible.
  • Copy past schedules over or allow the system to randomly allocate visits based on who’s available to work

Once you’ve established which scheduling tool you’d like to use you can ask the support team to set up the NurseBuddy Robot as we fondly call him to keep your schedules repeating for up to two weeks at a time.

Find out more about these tools here


Let  Carers Manage Their Schedules in the Mobile App

NurseBuddy gives you the flexibility to let your carers make small schedule changes in the mobile app.

Admin users can manage what carers can access in the NurseBuddy settings menu. If you would like your carers too, they can cancel visits, create visits and add new clients.

They can even see each other’s schedules and pick up visits from one another. This allows them to cover absences and help each other out without the need to contact the office.

We always recommend having your managers setting themselves up as a carer so they can use the app as well and test out all the options available.


Client invoicing with NurseBuddy

Keep your systems aligned by using NurseBuddy’s invoicing, we primarily integrate with FreshBooks an accounting software designed to make client invoicing super simple.

You can use our invoicing feature for free if you’re on our standard plan and download your invoices straight from your client reports ready to send. NurseBuddy’s reporting allows you to edit the billing time and payer information so it’s all in one place.

If you want more from our invoicing functionality we can provide full access to your FreshBooks account, this means you’ll be able to fully run and manage the account and track every invoice you send. You will then be able to accept online payments and send invoices by email direct from FreshBooks.


We continuously aim to improve how we can save you and your team time and resources. As always we welcome your suggestions and questions just drop us an email at