NurseBuddy Care Software expands to Qatar

NurseBuddy Care Software expands to Qatar

Big news coming from NurseBuddy! Following significant growth across Europe, NurseBuddy have launched in the Middle East region. The groundbreaking deal was signed with Doha Care in March 2017. Doha Care specialise in managing the day to day care of older people, bedridden patients, pregnant women and newborns, special needs, and they help to manage injections, blood pressure, changing of bandages, and much more.

“We are focused on excellence and leadership in terms of service quality and diversity. The ultimate goal of Doha Care is to provide an outstanding service, to care for those who need care.”

Doha Care have successfully put NurseBuddy in full action in their workforce of over 150 carers, and they have seen the benefits and improvements that NurseBuddy has brought to their care agency. This has helped to improve the quality of care that is received by those in need, and improve the efficiency of carers across Doha.

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Qatar and health care

Qatar has boomed over the past decade seeing its population triple to 2.6 million. Alongside this population boom, demand has grown for its health care sector. With a high life expectancy of 78, and massive growth in GDP, Qatar  is showing its desire to improve and expand its healthcare sector to take care of an aging population.

Home care companies come under the control of, and are licensed by the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) Qatar.  Healthcare standards in Qatar are generally high – Qatari citizens are covered by a national health insurance scheme, while expatriates must either receive health insurance from their employers, or; in the case of the self-employed, purchase insurance. Qatar’s healthcare spending is among the highest in the Middle East, with $4.7 bn being invested in healthcare in 2014.

The rise of home care software in Qatar

Due to being a relatively new sector of health management in Qatar, home care companies have had a unique opportunity to engage with the latest care technologies, without having to move over from legacy or outdated systems. Private home care companies are able to select their own technologies to help them in both managing and delivering home care services, and having powerful management systems like NurseBuddy in place help to deliver high quality care efficiently in their daily home care services. Being a tech-savvy country with a greatly expanding population, technology has been embraced by the government and private companies to improve standards across the whole care process. Investment in health care is one of the highest in the world, showing the desire to find good solutions to common problems in the growing industry.

How does the Qatar home care system work?

The premier healthcare provider in the country is the Hamad Medical Corporation, established by the government as a non-profit healthcare  provider, which runs a network of hospital, ambulances, and a home care service, all of which are accredited by the Joint Commission. Private care agencies, offering in-home nursing services to families and establishments are a relatively new entry in Qatar healthcare sector. To obtain a SCH license, a home care agency is required to have at least three licensed nurses, who are trained to perform specific duties and deal with any emergency situation that could arise during their service. A large amount of Qatar’s carers are foreign nationals, due to the large influx of immigrants since 2000, with English often being the primary language for conducting care.


About NurseBuddy in the Middle East

At NurseBuddy, we want to help care companies in providing high quality care. NurseBuddy Care software is the easiest to use, easiest to learn, and maximises efficiency in the home care industry. NurseBuddy are looking to further expand into the Gulf region, with growing interest from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and more.


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